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* Please Help
  shree26 - 07/31/19 13:14
  Hi.I just started CS preparation.Would anyone please suggest what to read.I know abt first aid CS.Any online subscription to take? Any help greatly appreciated! Thanks.  
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* Re:Please Help
  shree26 - 07/31/19 17:12
  Anybody please?  
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* Re:Please Help
  med26 - 08/01/19 00:41
  shree the best things to use are csevideo .com and first aid, you see you watch the video that goes with the case then act the case out and do it over again and it will give you good handle on cs, I am doing this and many of my friends have done it that way and have passed the cs, you will also need to do pn a few each day or do the note right after you watch the csevideo case video  
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* Re:Please Help
  virgyk - 08/01/19 01:27
  Recently passed higher performance with csevideo and first aid, thats all you need literally its all you need csevideos will give you a comprehensive look at what the exam is like and what you will be required to do in the encounter, I can tutor you for free for the few hours then after that if you like my service I can do more let me know, Im waiting on ecfmg cert so got some free time  
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* Re:Please Help
  virgyk - 08/01/19 01:28
  Will tutor you for free for cs exam or if you have questions post it here, recently passed cs higher performance waiting on ecfmg cert!  
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* Re:Please Help
  shree26 - 08/01/19 16:21
  @med26 thank you for your feed back.I will definitely look into leave ur email if u want fa 6th edition more thing usually how many months of cse videos subscription one need. Thanks once again.

@virgyk thanks for ur feedback.usually how months of cse videos one need.please leave ur email if I need to contact you.thanks once again.
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* Re:Please Help
  med26 - 08/02/19 22:58
  90 days I watch a few hours a day then practice in my mind and I use it at the gym on my ipad on the treadmill and when I ride my bike I figured if I can memorize the the way the cases its done is half the battle, then in the csevideo cases are the history and pe so its alot of information and easy to absorb for me just by watching, then I backup up with first aid. I already got a paper portion of fa from ebay. but thank you for the offer  
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* Re:Please Help
  longway2go - 08/03/19 12:31
I would like to add, a major part of the ICE is the patient note. Even if you have collected your data well there is no use if you can't put it in your note on time. if you are not good at typing 35 wpm or less, you really need to practice the complete patient note everyday to be done in 10 mins. Good Luck!
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* Re:Please Help
  med26 - 08/13/19 15:58
  I agree typing the notes is part of the exam too, and 10 min is not alot, I do notes everyday at least 3 timed  
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* Re:Please Help
  asap18 - 08/13/19 17:13
  make a schedule and stick by it each day no matter what
read and do each case in the First Aid CS book at least 2x, get the latest edition
there are 44 cases, if you do 2 a day youll be done in a month or less
read the mini cases first, do them by yourself-test yourself to be able to come up with differentials on your own
when it comes to the actual cases, work with them with a partner, either face to face or via video call which is what I did!
I used mnemonics to help me ask my patients questions relevant to the chief complaint, you can find them all online!
in regards to timing:T
Timing is key! give yourself at least 1-2 minutes to provide your pt with a good conclusion, end on a positive note!
keep a timer running during your cases (I used a cs timer that you can find on youtube)
practice typing your patient note using the template they graciously provide

good luck!

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* Re:Please Help
  rockcs - 08/13/19 22:09
  TARGET USMLE has a pass percentage of 97% over the past 10 years and we have a 100% pass in ICE. If you need any help just go the site and register. There are a lot of useful resources.  
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