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* Skype learning partner
  yutak - 08/02/19 09:27

I am IMG in Japan and planning to take step2 CS in December and currently looking for study partner.
I have already passed Step1 and CK.
If you need a learning partner, please feel free to leave a message or email address !
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* Re:Skype learning partner
  yoshi113 - 08/04/19 21:58

I live in Hokkaido.
I am planning to take CS in February 2020.
Would you like to practice with me?
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* Re:Skype learning partner
  sam1975 - 08/06/19 10:37
  Hi, my exam is on Sep the 23th.
if you like to study, this is my skype add. I livein Canada.
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* Re:Skype learning partner
  greenbeet - 08/06/19 10:52
  My exam is in September. Would you like to let me know your Skype ID?
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* Re:Skype learning partner
  greenbeet - 08/07/19 17:26
  I need your Skype ID to reach you because I cannot put my email in this site.  
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* Re:Skype learning partner
  yuya0409jp - 08/15/19 08:09
  Hi, I'm from Okayama and my exam is 23rd November in LA.
If you are still looking for SP, please contact me with email below.
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* Re:Skype learning partner
  rockcs - 08/22/19 15:20
Hi, all This is John From Target Usmle. The link below is a free diagnostic exam that we give for all students. here we will access your patient data gathering, CIS and SEP component. If your exam is nearby or if your studying takes this exam it will help you a lot. If your doing any mistakes it can be correct before you attend the exam. Never hesitate our MDs are here to help you.

Step 2 cs- Do It Once Do It Right.

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