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* 2 cs scoring question
  m555888777 - 08/14/19 12:59
  Hi, I am IMG and I just took the 2 cs step in Philly and even though I think my performance was pretty decent, I am concerned because just a couple weeks before the exam 2 different people told me that 2 people with the worst English or communication skills among 12 others taking the exam on the same day with the same SPs are automatically failed (reschedule the test in another center wasn't an option at that time because I was needed to take before the end of this Summer). The problem is that my worst expectations turned to be truth - I was only one IMG on this day and all others were AMGs (who actually all knew each other), so my English (which was absolutely understandable - nobody asked me to repeat anything, though I did a couple of mistakes in pronunciation) is going to be the worst among other test-takers (since they are native speakers). Also I was speaking to fast at the beginning of the first 3 or 4 encounters (they understood everything, but speaking slowly is one of the checking parameters for ESP). Did anyone who isn't a native speaker IMG had the same experience - took the test with AMGs only and still passed (especially after they decreased passing rate in 2017)? I would appreciate any information  
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* Re:2 cs scoring question
  longway2go - 08/16/19 20:54
  Yes, speaking slowly and clearly does help. If your questions are understood and answered and if you followed the protocol given in First Aid for communication and interpersonal skills, there should not be a problem. But the huge deal is we have to clear every part of the exam. I am an IMG and did very well in CIS and SEP but I failed ICE so final result is fail!! So the whole encounter, your timing, typing of patient note... everything counts.  
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* Re:2 cs scoring question
  doctorwho007 - 08/17/19 17:15
  I was the only IMG at my center too and got my SEP stars all the way to the right, CIS was all the way to the right as well, ICE was a few spaces above the borderline. Overall PASS.

I know its a tough place when ya don't clear all sections of the exam. The best thing you can do is take it as a rough feedback and improve on it.
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* Re:2 cs scoring question
  longway2go - 08/17/19 18:24
  Hi doctorwho007,

It was a very rough feedback, quite depressing in fact. I never expected to fail this stupid exam.. and I took a few months to get over it, especially considering the COST factor, because the stupid exam cost a huge load of money!!!
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* Re:2 cs scoring question
  doctorwho007 - 08/17/19 18:44

honestly I was scared too until I saw my score. The wait time for the results is the hardest part. You just got to get back to the book and practice, practice, practice.
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* 2 cs myths debunking Re:2 cs scoring question
  m555888777 - 10/16/19 12:06
  Hi everyone who is reading it. Just wanted to tell that it is not true that people with the worst SEP performance during the test day are automatically failed (heard it several times). I took the exam in Philly (I am a non native speaker FMG with some accent) and I was only one non native speaker and others were AMGs, and I passed. Also it is not true that Philly is the worst place - it really depends on your performance, they won't fail you because you are IMG. I hope it will help to relieve anxiety for some of you who is concerned about their accent or who scheduled 2 cs in Philly and is nervous.  
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* Re:2 cs scoring question
  usmlebreaker - 10/16/19 14:17
  congratulations on passing the exam  
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