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* exam in one week
  foreveru1 - 08/22/19 15:44
  i have a week to go through all cases from FA. is anyone interested in reviewing with me via whats up or skipe?  
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* Re:exam in one week
  krunaldoc - 08/29/19 04:34
  ill help for free if you need it  
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* Re:exam in one week
  sam1975 - 08/29/19 12:23
  Hi, my exam is on 23 of Sep, and looking for sp, this is my skype if if you are still interested.
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* Re:exam in one week
  greenbeet - 09/03/19 01:43
  I can practice with you. My exam is also very near.
Please feel free contact with me.
My email address is
Thank you.
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* Re:exam in one week
  drsuliman - 09/09/19 00:05
  I took USMLE step 2 cs training from dr ahmed at the cochroach infested red roof hotel and his training sessions mislead me on my exam, I FAILED WITH LOW PERFORMANCE IN ICE AND SEP because of this ineffective tutor. He did not cover the recent changes for the 2019 exam and he took a payment from me without performing the final 2 hours services. I will be reporting him to NBME and the police for theft. the staff at the red roof are a bunch of thieves as they have stolen property from many student that reside there. Please advise all of your friends to avoid the red roof and dr ahmed, he is ineffective and doesn't understqnd the recent changes for this yr. He looks like he is in his 40s middle eastern brown complexion. he is a very nasty person and is ineffective please avoid him at all costs.  
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