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* Passed CS
  krunaldoc - 08/29/19 04:06
  I just got my passing score I would like to thank my study partners on this forum senior classmates, and GOLDUSMLEREVIEW CS workshop was very helpful. The GoldUSMLE covered the challenging scenarios very well and told me what I should do and what I should avoid, they helped me very much because on my first attempt I only used my brother to practice on and first aid without any class and this wasnít enough as I failed on my first attempt. For my second attempt I tried GoldUSMLE and they helped me pass my exam with high performance, they pinpointed the precise physical exams and history taking skills that were necessary to pass, I also recognized the mistakes I made on my first attempt and this helped me to pass on my second attempt. The GoldUSMLE had 20 different patients in their mock exams and itís the wide variety of patients that helped me improve the most. Itís important to see yourself from different perspectives
I highly recommend goldusmlereview to everyone
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* Re:Passed CS
  navjotk7 - 08/29/19 04:21
  thank you very much for being my study partner I also passed too, you also helped me too
I am happy that you finally passed if you need help with CK let me know, ill be at the library same study room
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* Re:Passed CS
  krunaldoc - 08/29/19 04:32
  I took my exam May 30 in Atlanta, half and half IMG AMG, got the passing results earlier this month  
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* Re:Passed CS
  krunaldoc - 08/29/19 04:36
  ill be sure to stop by the library next week, busy with family things this week Navjot thank you  
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* Re:Passed CS
  med26 - 09/01/19 05:57
  how do you know who is img or amg at the exam did you take a survey?  
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* Re:Passed CS
  kristen16 - 09/04/19 01:40
  med26, it is not easy to know who is img or amg not unless you talk to every student so no one really can tell you exactly who is there. Just focus on your own exam

krunaldoc> I did my exam in PHilapdelphia in July and have not received results yet, is there reason for concern?
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* Re:Passed CS
  kristen16 - 09/10/19 19:13
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