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* finally got my results!
  kristen16 - 09/11/19 22:07
  I have done my exam in PA in mid July and received results on the last day or the score report for this session of reporting. I was so worried as all my group buddies have gotten results

I did pass this cs exam and very relieved for that. I did preparation in a group of five of us almost 4 th year medical students, we did 2.5 months study group and worked on each other as sp we first read all first aid cases and mini cases then watched and followed all the aspects in csevideo video program, each of us have all passed. good luck to all forum members! see you all in step 3 forum
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* Re:finally got my results!
  med26 - 09/17/19 17:04
  hi kristen congrats on your passing
any tips you want to share? I am using the same protocol to study with
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* Re:finally got my results!
  kristen16 - 09/20/19 08:32
  hey med just watch csevideo as much as you can over many times and you will get a grip on how the entire sp encounter is going to go in the exam, use an sp to practice it out like you see it in the csevideos and if you can or have sep issues use the audio for me the audio helped me in last minute stuff

when is your exam?
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* Re:finally got my results!
  med26 - 09/26/19 09:53
  thanks kristen16 I am doing what you have suggested
my exam is coming soon
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* Re:finally got my results!
  med26 - 10/02/19 09:49
  one more question, till what age of the child do you ask prenatal and postnatal care for the mother?  
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* Re:finally got my results!
  med26 - 10/06/19 14:04
  does anyone know the answer to this question????  
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* Re:finally got my results!
  kristen16 - 10/13/19 12:58
  med26 did you take it yet?
there is no age cutoff a patient can be in their teens and something pathologically can show that was from birth
but that is long shot
for the cs just stay close to the diagnosis and don't get too deep but of course you ask pre and postnatal for at least up to 12mo
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