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* Old IMG Prematch Success Story
  thefuture - 01/01/19 08:08
  Happy new year and hoping a wonderful year for all of you inshalla.

My Credentials:
- Graduation year:2006
- Work Experience: several years as general practitioner in back home.
- US Clinical Experience: 2 months free observership in a hospital and 4 months free observership at internal medicine clinic (2015)
- US Citizen (2018)
- USMLE step 1: 225 (2013)
- USMLE step 2ck: 247 (2014)
- USMLE step 2cs: Pass (2014)
- Usmle step 3: 224 (2015)
All of the USMLE exams passed from the first time.

Applications History:
- 2014/2015: I applied for about 40 programs and got 2 interviews only and did not match
-2015/2016: I applied for about 140 programs, and the application was improved by doing the us observerships and USMLE step 3. I got 7 interviews but unfortunately did not match and I was hugely disappointed at that time especially I was very good in all the interviews.
-after that I started to think going back home to do my internal medicine residency there.
2018/2019: I applied again for the 3rd and last time without any improvement in my application since last time. I got 2 interviews, one of them was a prematch program and offered me a prematch position in internal medicine, after a successful interview especially in the medical case scenario at that interview. To be honest, I did not plan to apply this year, I told myself to try for the last time and I applied for 42 programs only.

-Al7amdolella (thank god), it works this time by allah (god) help only with the weakest application for me.
- I can not believe that I have a legal signed contract to start internal medicine residency in July 1st 2019 (al7amdolellah always).
- I know how is the feelings when you do not match and how is the feelings when you match, and that is why I hope for everyone to match someday. just do your best and leave it to allah (god), and he is always there to help all of us.

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* Re:Old IMG Prematch Success Story
  ask77777 - 01/08/20 12:01
  congratulations ..omg ur really inspiring..Thanks for sharing!!  
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