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* Clinical Neurophysiology/Epilepsy Fellowship
  eishi_asano1 - 01/22/19 09:02
  Clinical Neurophysiology/Epilepsy Fellowship Children's Hospital of Michigan & Wayne State University, Michigan, USA.
Start date: July 1, 2019.
End date: June 30, 2020.

We have an opening for an ACGME-accredited pediatric epilepsy fellowship. Exceptionally qualified applicants who did not complete an ACGME-accredited neurology or pediatric neurology residency in the U.S. but completed a relevant training in overseas will also be considered depending upon the assessment of the review committee. Satisfactory completion of the U.S. M.L.E. Steps 1, 2 and if applicable Step 3 is required.

This fellowship program provides outstanding experience as listed below. (i) Clinical management of patients with epilepsy. (ii) Neonatal, pediatric and adult EEG. (iii) Long term video-EEG monitoring. (iv) Functional brain mapping using evoked potentials and event-related spectral changes. (v) Functional brain mapping using electrical stimulation. (v) Multimodality neuroimaging modalities including PET, fMRI, and DTI. (vi) Epilepsy surgery following intracranial EEG monitoring. There are plenty of opportunities to write papers in neurophysiology, neuroimaging, genetics and neuropsychology. Our division currently has a five active NIH R01 research grant directly related to pediatric epilepsy. Children's Hospital of Michigan is the only pediatric institute in the world with its own PET Center and cyclotron. The fellow will gain valuable experience for academic career or private practice. Please send CV and personal statement along with reference letters.

"Interview via Skype is possible." "Outstanding public & private schools"

Aimee Luat, MD
Director of Pediatric Epilepsy Fellowship Program
Email aluat {at} (change {at} to @)
Tel. no. 3138329620

Eishi Asano, MD, PhD
Director of Neurodiagnostics
Professor of Pediatrics and Neurology
Email easano {at} (change {at} to @)
Tel. no. 3137455547
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* Re:Clinical Neurophysiology/Epilepsy Fellowship
  eishi_asano1 - 03/11/19 11:20
  Please email me or Dr. Luat if you happen to be interested in this program. Each of our current clinical fellows (both FMG) have just got matched with a residency program.  
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* Re:Clinical Neurophysiology/Epilepsy Fellowship
  eishi_asano1 - 03/26/19 11:26
  We still have an unexpected opening for this position starting this summer.

We will consider individuals who underwent a training either in pediatrics, neurology, neurosurgery, epilepsy, or EEG.
In case you previously applied to us but did not receive a call or email, please send us your application to both addresses [aluat {at} (change {at} to @) as well as easano {at} (change {at} to @)]
It is possible that we may have missed yours because of an internet glitch.
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