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  bolwall - 02/01/19 08:55
  Hi. I need your honest opinion. I am an IMG from 2011 w/ green card. I did step 1 and I got 204 first attempt. Then I was doing great with Step 2ck with the nbme and UWSA, Uworld over 70% but I got 209 very dissapointed. Am I have a chance to go into IM or FM. I have letter of US doctors. Thanks  
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* Re:Help
  purple_cloud - 02/01/19 09:24
  Your chances are not excellent, but they are not zero either. I think it comes down to what your financial situation is. Costs are significant (application fees, Step 2 CS cost etc.) If you have money to spend, then why not try? Apply to every IMG friendly program in the country. That is another thing, are you geographically restricted?

Good luck!
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* Re:Help
  bolwall - 02/01/19 09:36
  I am thinking in apply very broadly no matter the money after spending so much time and effort. Thank you for your encourage.  
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* Re:Help
  syld - 02/01/19 10:22
  My sincere advice - don't waste your time and money., live is too short, better look for an alternative path.
You have near 0 chances, even in FM/Pathology, there are hundreds IMG's like you, who got stuck with this application process.
p.s. I may be sound rude, but the thats the reality, sorry
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* Re:Help
  bolwall - 02/01/19 10:44
  Well thank you for your opinion. There are some that are stuck as you said but others with success histories. You never know until you try that is the true.  
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* Re:Help
  syld - 02/01/19 11:16
The point is - do not overtry, if you see that you have 0 IV's - don't expect that next season will be different.
I think only connections can help in your case, but anyway it's just my opinion
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* Re:Help
  syld - 02/01/19 11:20
  Pathology/psychiatry - may give you some iv's, esp. if you will have lor's from those specialities and a well written ps, but i don't know if you are ok with that.  
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* Re:Help
  syld - 02/01/19 11:22
  I doubt that GC will help you in fm/im (old grad, low scores are very big red flag, competition is insane), but in pathology/psychiatry - you may have a chance  
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* Re:Help
  smartpc - 02/01/19 13:55
  From a Program Coordinator - Most likely, with your year of graduation and scores, you will be filtered out of most programs. I would recommend trying for one year and see what happens. As @syld said, if you do not receive any interviews the first year, quit while you are ahead. IM/FM will be tough getting through filters. If a program does not even see your application, they cannot give you an interview. Connections are your best avenue, however keep in mind, many programs give "courtesy" interviews to applicants whose connections request an interview. It's so very competitive now, and while scores are not everything, they are something that demonstrates an applicants ability to pass boards.  
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* smartpc
  bolwall - 02/01/19 15:55
  Thank you for your honest opinion.  
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* Re:Help
  kavya@4a1 - 02/02/19 12:04
  As you are an old grad and have less scores then it will be tough, you need to have continuous hands-on clinical experience which will help you show PDs that you are clinically active and get some connections which can help in improving the chances of getting IVs.  
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