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* low step 1 score
  peace_rohi - 03/02/19 14:22
  i just got my step 1 score...210..disheartened..i m an img from india ..what should i do...proceed for step 2 or drop the idea of getting thru usmle...and prepare for my home countty pg entrance exam?!  
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* Re:low step 1 score
  drvandorn - 03/03/19 03:16
  Depends on what speciality you want to do, I think you have a chance for family Medicine, but more importantly you need to do well on step 2 ck.  
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* Re:low step 1 score
  peace_rohi - 03/03/19 04:03
  thnkyou drvandorn....i m basiclly luking frwrd for pediatrics in us...if possible at this usmle step 1 score...??  
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* Re:low step 1 score
  drvandorn - 03/03/19 05:22
  To be frank and honest, yes it will be very difficult, peds, IM, emergency med, you need to be above 220s. You will need to score high on ck for programs to look at your application.  
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* Re:low step 1 score
  futuremd313 - 03/03/19 10:49
  The score is low for Pediatrics but not fatal. You should look up Charting Outcomes in the Match that is published by the NRMP for all the statistics on all the specialties. You can certainly recover by improving on your CK score and passing both that and the CS on the first attempt. Also, good clinical experiences with strong LORs will help greatly in overcoming the low Step 1 score. Good luck.  
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* Re:low step 1 score
  syld - 03/03/19 14:01
  @futuremd313 Ohh no, no - it's almost fatal!
Ton's of people with 220's are overboard, don't listen to those who don't risk their time/money, it's very easy and nice to say to someone: "you have a chance"..
India, visa, low step 1 and depending on your YOG/background - be realist, you may only have a chance in pathology, but think twice if it's worth
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* Re:low step 1 score
  drvandorn - 03/03/19 14:33
  I have seen kids match into peds, IM, Emergency Med, with lower end scores, but they had strong CVs and had stellar ck scores. If you truly want to do medicine in the US. I suggest applying to family med as well, and if you are concerned about wasting money, take the ck first and decide from there, whether you want to apply here.  
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* Re:low step 1 score
  syld - 03/03/19 14:59
  cv doesn't matter, having in mind >6-8 kk applicants in each program - he will simply be filtered out by software ( based on his step 1 score).. and even if the application will be reviewed - how will he explain: "why he is better than >500 other applicants with a way better scores"
FM is absolutely not img friendly and there are very few spots in each program (~5-8) -> pure gamble
I have seen people going to space - so what? :)
Chances are extremely slim, period
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* Re:low step 1 score
  syld - 03/03/19 15:07
1) take plabs within 2 yrs and settle in england
2) stay in india
3) try usmle - in case of failure (1-2 match seasons) - having ecfmg certificate on hands:
4) go for NZ/UAE
5) go for 2-3 yrs of research in usa, hoping that it will help you in match (another gamble, imho)
6) stay in india
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* Re:low step 1 score
  drvandorn - 03/03/19 17:04
  Yes for more competitive programs he will be filtered out, however 44/121 students who were non us imgs with the scores 201-210 for step one, Matched into Family medicine. These were stats taken from nrmp matching records for the year 2018. In my book there’s a chance, and Research and your cv are important, many programs take that into consideration too when selecting candidates.  
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* Re:low step 1 score
  drvandorn - 03/03/19 17:14
  And as Syld said pathology had a higher acceptance rate in 2018, it was slightly over 50% for 201-210 range candidates who were non us imgs.  
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