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* Regarding statement of need
  njsl - 03/06/19 21:19
  I am not registered with the MCI nor the state med council (India). Will this be a problem to obtain the SON?
In the SON application form what do we have to mention at MCI regustration number if we are not registered with it?
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* Re:Regarding statement of need
  pradoc - 03/07/19 15:28
  If you are intending for a J1, I would highly recommend you to do it now.
From my understanding, the SON is a bond for the permanent resident of India who is a registered practitioner whose services would be needed in India after their training abroad.

Or to avoid all this hassle H1 is an alternative option.
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* Re:Regarding statement of need
  deepthi3 - 03/07/19 17:00
  You can find here :

I am not sure if i did it 7 yrs back, but when I searched my name it showed. Let me know if it shows for you.

If not : check this

Also, not all programs do sponsor H1 like mine and they are very particular to apply for J1. I think we can do waiver job to avoid HRR. Reg bond, I think pay 5 lakhs and u r not obliged to return back. Please advise.
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* Re:Regarding statement of need
  pradoc - 03/07/19 17:19
  Yes, you are correct @Deepthi3.

If njsl does not have an MCI registration, I was suggesting him to do it now.
I am of the opinion is how would the GOI consider one for SON if he/she is not a registered practitioner?
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* Re:Regarding statement of need
  deepthi3 - 03/07/19 20:30

So if u find the name, that means you are registered. ?

Also are u planning to apply for J1. I have 2 questions which I didn't find in the application. Can u advise?

1) Do we send any SON format to New Delhi ? or they have their own format.

2) also do we send any self addressed envelope or pre-paid envelope with ECFMG address? Or they send it to Indian address irrespective of if u send envelope
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* Re:Regarding statement of need
  njsl - 03/08/19 08:24
  Thank you docs for your replies, i emailed the MOH authority regarding the same and they rwplies back saying if I am not registered yet then I can attach undertaking doc stating I would register myself within 2 years of the current training for which I am using the SON. They sent me the proforma for that. If any1 in my boat i can share the copy of the proforma.
Thank you once again. Hope we all match Inshallah.
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* Re:Regarding statement of need
  deepthi3 - 03/08/19 14:26
  Hey, Can u send me the email address of MOH please?

Were you able to find your name in this link ?

Let me know.


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* Re:Regarding statement of need
  njsl - 03/08/19 18:11
  I did not register myself. And my name is not there. Sure I can give the
Good luck
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* Re:Regarding statement of need
  deepthi3 - 03/08/19 20:22
  Thanks! I have it under my state board in this website. Some of them have Medical Council of India under state column.. I hope its not an issue  
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* Re:Regarding statement of need
  deepthi3 - 03/12/19 11:25
  @njsl : How long did they take to respond? I sent 5 days back and didnt get any  
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