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* i need advice pls
  firstaid@usmle - 03/09/19 07:52
  I am img with YOG 2011. I had 2 failed attempts at step 1 the recent one last december with a score of 172. I registered for exam without passing nbme first [Terrible mistake]. Im a green card holder and has been working as a medical assistant for the past 2 years. I still want to give my last shot at the exam . if I eventually pass all the steps without any more attempts, can i still match? what can increase my chances of matching as far as my cv. which specialties are img friendly? . Does clinical research in any of the specialties help?
What are the other career options as an alternative?. Any general advice pls. Thanks
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* Re:i need advice pls
  syld - 03/10/19 09:41
  marry to a daughter of program director  
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* Re:i need advice pls
  santhosh - 03/12/19 12:39
  There will be still chance if you complete the steps without any attempt and get high scores in the steps. Should complete Step 3 exam it can strengthen the application. Also, gain continuous hands-on clinical experience which can improve your CV and can show that you are clinically active. Try to get connections it can help in IVs.  
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* Re:i need advice pls
  wishyouluck - 03/13/19 15:13
  Honestly, there is always a chance, but the question is how big is the chance.

Firstly, you will need Awesome Step 1 scores (on next attempt); Awesome Step 2 CK scores (1st attempt); Pass Step 2 CS (1st attempt; Pass Step 3 (to prove that you are not a risk).

Now you will also have to explain what have you been doing in past 9 or so years (since your graduation)?? If it is not practicing medicine in some other country or working in a field that has kept your clinical experience relevant then that is a HUGE problem.

If you cannot achieve above or will have another fail on any of the remaining Steps. Kiss your chances goodbye.

Even if you do ALL of the above, the YOG of 2011 simply crushes your chance to very low. Of course, you only have a chance (whatever little chance you have) at a low end community program for IM and FM (but i don't think you care where you match).

Now when will you have all your step scores (1, 2, 3)? By 2020? Who knows how much more difficult things would have become by then.

The only positives i see is that you do not need a visa and have been working as a MA for past 2 yrs; but the negatives in your app are much greater than positives.

If i am very passionate and confident about KILLING all steps from here on---i would give my dream a one final chance before calling quits. From this point on everything has to be EXCEPTIONAL and nothing average.

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* Re:i need advice pls
  parmesh495 - 03/14/19 12:03
  You can match if you gain high scores in the next attempt. Also along with Step 1 exam you need to complete Step 2 and Step 3 that can improve your application.

Along with the scores as you are an old grad try to get externship rotations which can make your CV strong and can provide strong LORs.
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* Re:i need advice pls
  firstaid@usmle - 03/19/19 16:16
  thanks for your advice Santhosh,wishyouluck and parmesh495. I really appreciate it
@syld I will definitely remind you about your comment in 2 years time God's willing.
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* Re:i need advice pls
  syld - 03/21/19 04:31
  @ firstaid@usmle lol, you asked for a "general advice" - that's the best one from me!
p.s. i'm really looking forward to see what are you gonna tell me in 2-3 years
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