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* soap
  optimisticpositive - 03/10/19 15:56
  According to NRPM email, it says ERAS will open at 12 PM EST Monday 03/11/2019 in order for us to apply if we are SOAP eligible. I believe the central time will be 11 AM equivalent to 12 PM EST. The email does not say as to how many Programs can we apply. Usually it is 30. If it is 30, can we apply to all 30 programs all together tomorrow If eligible to apply owe need to split/divide our programs application to finish it until thursday. I'll be thankful If someone could guide me with sincerity.
Thank you and best of luck to all of us.
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* Re:soap
  kindmd - 03/10/19 23:03
  So I believe you can apply for only 15-20 programs from now until Wednesday..and on Thursday you apply to the rest of them.

On wednesday they will update the list which will reflect the programs that still have unfilled spots..then starts "round 2" of SOAP, which concludes on Thursday. On Friday, you get your final decision (if a program accepts u in SOAP, you should find out by Friday). After Friday, there will still be some programs that have unfilled slots. I believe NRMP releases a list of those and those then you contact the program directly and go from there!

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* Re:soap
  freakeenyc - 03/10/19 23:29
45 spots. 3 rounds...applying starts monday, u can apply however u like from round 1 to round 3, but its prob bettr to get eveerting out of the way for round 1
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* Re:soap
  freakeenyc - 03/10/19 23:30
  look thoroughly at the timeline on NRMP for SOAP 2019 please.  
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* Re:soap
  optimisticpositive - 03/11/19 12:00
  Thank you kindmd and freakyeenc for replying to me.
both of you are way beyond kind.
Best of luck to all of us.
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