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* Pathology USCE
  gardenseer - 03/12/19 01:11
  Hi guys. IMG here looking to get into pathology residency, and would like to get some USCE before I start applying. I would just like to ask how does pathology USCE usually look like? I've seen some discussions about externships vs. observerships for fields such as Fam Med and Psych, but I was just wondering how those two types of experience differ in a field like Pathology.  
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* Re:Pathology USCE
  allopurinol - 03/13/19 08:54
  For pathology, OB is almost the same as externship cuz everything is basically observing. You may see grossing, autospy, attend seminars, and will probably spent most time in signing out cases with attendings.  
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* Re:Pathology USCE
  gardenseer - 03/14/19 20:26
  Thanks for the answer allopurinol. That's what I was thinking as well. I guess it's time to add pathology observerships to my to-do-list.  
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* Re:Pathology USCE
  futuremd313 - 03/15/19 08:05
  I agree with @allopurinol, there is no real difference between observerships and hands-on/externships for Pathology.

@gardenseer, finding Pathology USCE is an absolute must if you plan to apply for a Pathology residency.

Good luck.
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