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* Psychiatry Match chances - need your help, guys
  gioco91 - 03/13/19 07:49
  Hey guys, I`ve been very pessimist about matching in psychiatry since I got my step 1 score (199). I decided to start and finish my psychiatry residency program here in Brazil so I could have an additional training and experience. I also have a 225 step 2 ck and step 2 cs 1st attempt pass. I have one or two (3 actually) publications in the area, 2 Lors and 3 psychiatric clerkships/observerships.

To sum up , here are my credentials:

- Step 1 : 199 :(
- Step 2 CK: 225
- Step 2 CS: Pass 1st attempt
- 2 Lors
- 3 Clerkships in the area
- Some publications, psychiatry courses/summer schools in the US and Canada and elective in Neuropsychiatry at the U of Toronto.

I really would not care about the location or the program "quality" as long as I have a spot. I could apply to as many as possible but I am really upset with my credentials (specially due to step 1 score).

Guys, being honest, do you think I could stand a chance?

Thanks a lot and good luck to everyone!
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* Re:Psychiatry Match chances - need your help, guys
  drvandorn - 03/17/19 20:50
  Recently psych is a very popular field, I know a lot of American medical students who applied for it. I would say it is unlikely that you could match. If this was 10 years ago, it is possible, but now unfortunately it is unlikely.
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