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* Matched -Old graduate
  luckyone123 - 03/13/19 17:37
  Img 2008 graduate. Step 1 second attempt passed 220ís.Step 2 240ís first attempt.CS passed first attempt.Step 3 220ís. Green card. USCE 5 months. Research experience with no publications. Worked 3 yrs in a clinical setting. Matched with one interview this yr! So old graduates out there- Donít give up!  
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* Re:Matched -Old graduate
  santhosh - 03/15/19 11:53
  Congrats @luckyone123. Thanks for the information  
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* Re:Matched -Old graduate
  mymatcg2019 - 03/15/19 14:41
  Where did you match, congratulations  
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* Re:Matched -Old graduate
  zaffroney - 03/16/19 10:32
  congrats in which specialty did you match?which specialty should i aim for my scores are average 220-230 i am an old IMG what do you suggest  
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* Re:Matched -Old graduate
  zaffroney - 03/16/19 10:32
  yog 2012
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* Re:Matched -Old graduate
  sublimation - 03/16/19 17:50
  @luckyone123...Huge congratulation.

-In your experience how much difference it makes if submit waived LORS vs Non waived LORS.??

Thank you v much
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* Re:Matched -Old graduate
  luckyone123 - 03/17/19 06:56
  I matched in family medicine,Texas. Old graduates have better chances in family med,psychiatry and pathology.I know an old grad who matched in internal medicine as well.. It all depends on your profile, contacts and luck.
Sublimation-I waived all my letters. I believe waiving is better.
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* Re:Matched -Old graduate
  sublimation - 03/17/19 08:11
  @luckyone123...Thank you so much

- One more question. I did not get a single interview this year. I have work authorization for ever in USA not GC yet. Do you think Having GC during next match cycle will make a big difference.??

Thanks again for the guidance.
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* Re:Matched -Old graduate
  luckyone123 - 03/17/19 09:05
  GC also gives you work authorization..I am not sure how different it can be since you already have work authorization.  
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* Re:Matched -Old graduate
  sublimation - 03/17/19 09:34
  Thank you v much. Regards.
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* Re:Matched -Old graduate
  virgo32 - 03/18/19 11:07
  In how many programs did you apply? Did you have any contacts in the program? if you are more than 5 years YOG and program has a cut off 5 YOG, so did you apply to those programs or not? about usce, did you have experience in clinic or hospital?  
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