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* Should I give up?
  xyzabcanon - 03/14/19 13:05
  Dear doctors,

I want to know if I should give up now? I have been applying since last 7 years in FM and psych, My credentials are:

YOG: 2009, US citizen IMG
step 1: 20x (1st attempt)
step 2: 20x (1st attempt)
CS: passed on 1st attempt
step 3: 19x (2nd attempt)
Got USCE and good LOR's from US physicians by volunteering, externships, research in clinics and medical centers. Have 5+ publications and posters.
2017- did MS degree from Yale and got LOR from chairman for eras. Only got 1 interview.
Every year I apply, I only get 1-2 interviews only but fail to match. This year I got 0 interviews.
Currently working in research setting.

Is it time to give up?

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* Re:Should I give up?
  xyzabcanon - 03/26/19 14:36
  900+ views and not even 1 reply. anyone?  
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* Re:Should I give up?
  night - 03/27/19 00:20
  Sorry bud ... you seem to be doing ALL the right things but have not had any luck. Do not give up your dreams but have a viable plan B. I am guessing you are a citizen/green card? Things will work out.  
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* Re:Should I give up?
  xyzabcanon - 03/27/19 10:59
  Yes, I’m a US citizen IMG  
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* Re:Should I give up?
  lovelybellen - 03/27/19 19:04
  Dear xyzabcanon,

I agree that YOG will pose difficulty. Your best bet is to find programs that can observe at and show that your medical knowledge is uptodate. You will have to work smart, and find attendings that you believe will give you the best possible LORs and support you. The best attending is one that knows someone who can advocate for you prior to interview season. You will need to figure out early on who seems to be helpful, but also at the same time not be discouraged if you encounter the cold shoulder from people.

Also, I would find out what on the application is barring you from more interviews. Perhaps you should show your CV to faculty, attendings, medical school professors, or those involved in residency processes. They may clue you into what the issues may be. Ensure that your CV on ERAS is portraying you accurately.

Some factors that you have to consider if you would like to pursue residency applications:

1) Money - The application process is obviously expensive with no guarantee of interviews at the end of it. If you have a steady income or are financially supported through the process you can continue trying. However, realize that every aspect of your application should be updated and applying "on a whim" would just be a waste of money.

2) Personal Life - If you are single and free to move around the country, this would obviously be the best situation. However, if you have a family who is unwilling to move with you and sacrifice for your pursuit, then you are limited to observerships near you.

3) Expanding your specialty: Over the years I have unfortunately seen people apply for family who are not as sincere about the specialty. Many family med applicants are also IM applicants who would prefer IM if given the opportunity. This unfortunately makes those genuinely interested in family practice less likely to stand out to get an IV.
This is the nature of the game now, which is an unfortunate truth to accept. Perhaps consider looking into other specialties that can be backed up from your CV experiences. You might be surprised that you see yourself as a physician, just not as a FP or Psych doc...

This is obviously a very personal process that requires careful thought. I hope wherever you land you are content with your choices. This life is short and medicine is both all its cracked up to be AND not everything its cracked up to be.
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* Re:Should I give up?
  santhosh - 03/28/19 12:52
  THe YOG will be a problem for the application it will be a red flag for the application.

If you want to complete residency than for the match but you need to get hands-on clinical experience which can help you get strong experience and can show that you are clinically active.

Try to have connections which can help the application during the interview process.
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* Re:Should I give up?
  parmesh495 - 04/02/19 10:17
  Having an old grad it will be a red flag for the application, but there are still chances for getting matched. If you want to complete residency in US.
Then you need to get continuous hands-on clinical expeirence which can make your CV strong and show help with your YOG.

Gain connections they are the most which can help you for the match.
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* Re:Should I give up?
  moseshans - 04/02/19 10:58
  so sorry about your multiple trials.
But you only lose/fail when you give up.
YOG is too long but nothing is impossible.
Apply for hands/clinic observership/research or anything medical so they know you wont be a
liability in terms of medical knowledge and hands on.
Then try to make connections.
And if you believe in GOD pray, theres nothing too hard for God.
All the best
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* Re:Should I give up?
  rezsuccess2019 - 05/15/19 18:22
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* Re:Should I give up?
  newimresident2019 - 05/23/19 14:47
”Are we ‘”’Cooking Hamburgers’ here…’?” (Online REVIEWS?)


I do not know about you…but an IMG’s passage of the USMLE with a first attempt high score, for almost anyone with reasonable (1 year) US clinical experience, creates a 70-85% chance of matching in a primary care residency in the USA. Failure, will seriously reduce those numbers…We are not ‘looking for hamburgers, cake or pie recipes…, ‘ in order to get their (Amazon?) ratings. The numerous –personally failed-people that write very unusual and unverified information on these fora, appear to not have any “idea what they are talking about...“ (‘blind leading the blind???...’).

They also fail to realize that given the above-described importance of the USMLE, and 1 year of “hands-on-“ US Clinical Experience with excellent correlated, Letters Of Recommendation, that these credentials are very likely (add Spanish speaking, and research, and grad degrees etc) to lead to jobs that will start at $160K, and escalate very quickly-with 4-5 years of practice experience- to $210-$270+k per annum in total compensation packages.

In light of the above overall circumstance, I strongly advise you to view an IMG- friend’s (Now a PGY-V) ‘real story-‘ 206,354+ views-(FULL-BLOWN WORK-UP)- blog with the keywords’ search terms provided below (along with a topical index). GL and GB YOU..


FREE Registration Information at TOP KEY WORDS’ SEARCH RESULT (206,354

IMG passed USMLE and got IM residency

• “Landing here…”

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o Course (online, or live or other hybrid, tutoring services)
 Experiences,
 Comparisons,
 Outcomes tallied

• ERAS; W’s and when, in the application cycle… is it too late???

• “IMG-favoring-” residencies

• LORS-examples

• Statements-examples

• Interviews- tips

• Residency- how to navigate the entire hospital system of underlings and superiors..political and non-political…

• Salaries…real medical economics’ data-based figures for primary care practices…of all types

• Practice development…get a jump start on the real process and get in touch with recruiters …NOW..or as soon as you have matched…save lost time in the form of opportunity costs that accrue later…BUILD YOUR NETWORK… NOW

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* Re:Should I give up?
  sinoatrial - 05/23/19 15:25
  i will say start working with some professor or pd where your possibilities are great and keep working as long as he let you working in the hospital , at the end he will take you. because he will know your potentials. i have seen people doing that and matched.  
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