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* Low step 1 score, need advice
  lydia219 - 05/18/19 00:54
  My score just out, i feel screwed i got 210 on my step, i’m non us img. Do i have any chance to move forward? Can i still match in IM or neurology? I see there is a lot program made step 1 filter in 220, i’m kinda scare if i move forward even with a blast step 2 score, the step 1 filter will pull me down.

Thank you
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* Re:Low step 1 score, need advice
  drvandorn - 05/18/19 03:03
  That score for a non us img is not good. It will be difficult to match in those two fields without a very good step 2 score. I suggest taking step 2 in your home country and see how you do from there.  
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* Re:Low step 1 score, need advice
  lydia219 - 05/18/19 03:41
  If i can get good step 2 score, do you think it can compensate?  
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* Re:Low step 1 score, need advice
  drvandorn - 05/18/19 21:02
  It will help show PDs that you can score well on tests. But the step 1 score will still be there. Getting a good step 2 score, will not completely compensate for a poor step 1 score, it will help a lot though.  
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* Re:Low step 1 score, need advice
  parmesh495 - 05/22/19 13:21
  You still have chances try to get good score in other steps and complete in first attempt, along with scores try to get multiple hands-on clinical experience in the specialty you want to apply for match.  
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*  ”Are we ‘”’Cooking Hamburgers’ here…’?”
  newimresident2019 - 05/23/19 14:47
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* Re:Low step 1 score, need advice
  newimresident2019 - 07/15/19 17:00
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* Re:Low step 1 score, need advice
  kavya@4a1 - 07/23/19 13:20
  If the program has a filter for the scores then there may be chances to get your application filter out, but if you have gained high scores in other scores the programs will consider your application you need to complete in first attempt and gain multiple hands-on rotations for improving the CV and make the application strong.  
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* Use step 3 as upgrade
  madatboards - 10/10/19 19:55
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* Re:Low step 1 score, need advice
  review - 10/10/19 20:25
  Check out this website
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* Re:Low step 1 score, need advice
  allaboutrezsuccess - 10/29/19 18:06
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