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* Re:IMG going to DO school
  aba002 - 07/25/19 14:08
  Hello everyone,

Please any input helps me before i enter the new journey.
I am old omg graduated in 2004. Took me a while to take usmle steps and unfortunately I passed with low scores and multiple attempts. I am ecfmg certified with lots of us clinical experience. I am us citizen . I did apply for many times residency programs but of course I did not get even single interview. I was trying to find alternatives. When I met with PD, she mentioned if you go to Caribbean school, you will have fresh km knowledge and recent yog. But unfortunately I cannot take usmle again since I passed them with low scores. I suggested to go to DO school since the system will be different. I worked so hard to take missing classes or courses to be able to meet the requirement for DO school. I got accepted and as of you know the score system is through COMLEX.
With the new matching system, 9r even old systems, do I have an option to report my usmle when I apply to residency programs? Or I can just request COMLEX TOBE RELEASED?
please any ideas or inputs would really help me before I start school in next couple of weeks.

Thank you!
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* Re:Re:IMG going to DO school
  aba002 - 07/26/19 11:55
  please share you thoughts and ideas. really appreciated!  
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* Re:Re:IMG going to DO school
  judoc02 - 07/26/19 13:08
  Congrats on your acceptance into DO school! I am also an IMG, Old grad, YOG-2008 from Ross U. I have pursued DO as a backup in the past, however the competitiveness with an MD degree is challenging...

Please share your experience in applying and taking the COMLEX exam. I assumed that the COMPLEX requirement in some DO programs is waived if USMLE scores are completed. Pardon my ignorance. Since you passed USMLE with low scores, there is a possibility that you can just release the COMLEX score.

Please email me
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* Re:Re:IMG going to DO school
  aba002 - 07/26/19 19:06
  Judoc02, thanks for your feedback. So you mean i have an option to release my camel score or not when I apply for residency. Who do I need to contact to get official answer ?
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* Re:Re:IMG going to DO school
  aba002 - 07/27/19 19:31
  Anyone has some thoughts?
Please share!
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* Re:Re:IMG going to DO school
  newtwo - 08/10/19 21:03
  If you're a DO school grad, you will match 90% chance even with low scores on step. So the question is moot. Some programs like to see COMLEX, some like to see both, it will all depend. No one can predict how it will be 4 years from now, especially now that residencies have merged.  
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* Re:Re:IMG going to DO school
  judoc02 - 08/12/19 10:36
  Hi aba002,

Sorry for the delay in replying. I agree with Newtwo. You should definitely use both scores when its time to apply for residency.

Also, can you share the name of the DO program you got accepted to? I'm also interested in applying to DO schools as an old grad with average USMLE scores.

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