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* Uploading LOR
  shattu - 08/08/19 02:08
  Can somebody help me uploading LOR .There is no option uploading LOR by myself.
Thanks in advance
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* Re:Uploading LOR
  parmesh495 - 08/09/19 14:02
  Try to ask your letter writer to upload the LOR to the ERAS it will be considered as waived LOR, if you upload the LOR it will be considered as unwaived LOR.  
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* Re:Uploading LOR
  shattu - 08/11/19 01:16
  Thank you so much Parmesh. Got it  
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* Re:Uploading LOR
  santhosh - 08/14/19 13:44
  You can upload the LOR through AAMC LORP portal, but it will be considered as unwaived LOR, try to get waived LOR.  
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* Re:Uploading LOR
  rukhz - 08/18/19 11:24

I wanted to upload a LOR. previously there used to be an option in oasis upload section to upload LOR but now there is no option in oasis to upload LOR. How do I upload lor on my own?
Thank you.
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* Re:Uploading LOR
  kavya@4a1 - 08/20/19 11:02
  @rukhz you can upload LOR by yourself through AAMC’s LoRP, logging in using your AAMC account.  
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* Re:Uploading LOR
  par469 - 08/20/19 23:02
  Wow ! so it looks like, the ERAS application process has begun
How do I start this process? dumb question, please guide
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* Re:Uploading LOR
  kavya@4a1 - 08/22/19 14:31
  @par469 you will be submitting the application the programs from September 5th to the match and programs will be getting the application from September 15th. Before September 5th you can submit the application. Till that time you need to have all the documents ready in your application.  
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* Re:Uploading LOR
  marshal - 09/01/19 19:27
  I though I could upload the LOR and MSPE myself  
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