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* gap in CV
  desperate_img - 08/08/19 10:39
i made some bad decisions during the journey of residency preparation because of lack of information and bad mentorship.That caused me a 2 year gap in my CV and i was wondering if I cover it with a white lie ,would that be a problem
i know that everyone advises against lying and i am also thinking of not risking it, but how can someone go deeply into someone's CV when the applications he has to review are so many?
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* Re:gap in CV
  santhosh - 08/09/19 14:06
  Dont lie program directors will get to know that your lying, try to improve your CV for covering the 2 years gap by getting hands-on rotations it will show that you are clinically active it will be helpful for the CV.  
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* Re:gap in CV
  kavya@4a1 - 08/10/19 15:40
  If you want to improve your CV then try to get multiple hands-on rotations it will strengthen and will provide strong LORs.

Lying will not useful because programs will be able to know whether you are lying or not.
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