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* working before residency
  ochan1412 - 09/23/19 20:53
  Hey guys, I'm a US IMG, applying in this cycle's match. I'd like to work before I match so I can support myself financially. Would it be ok to work in an unrelated field? I was in the manufacturing field before med school and the pay was nice... would it look bad if I go back there temporarily?

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* Re:working before residency
  interviewwithdavid - 09/26/19 11:57
  I don't think it would be bad at all, especially if you can justify it from a financial standpoint. Do understand that they will probably ask so you should have an explanation available.
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* Re:working before residency
  yanagi - 10/02/19 23:41
  You can do whatever you like - just do not emphasize / volunteer this information at your interviews, tell only if they ask directly (which rarely happened to me). I was working in unrelated field to support my family for almost a year + was at maternity leave, that did not prevent me form matching this year. Most people understand that immigrants have to survive.
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