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* Chance in IM residency
  kjhmel2030 - 09/26/19 22:18
  Hello everyone,
I am applying this year for IM residency and I need your advice about my chance and if I need to do anything to improve my chance.

I didn't receive any IV yet.

Exam score:
Step 1: 221 (second)
step 2 ck: 230 (First)
step 2cs: passed first attemp
step 3: passed first attemp 200

YOG 2014

Clinical experience:
Home countrey residency
2 years of USCE - Accredited fellowship.
UK: Member of the royal college of physician

Research Experience:
2 years of a research fellowship
Publications: 13 publications in High impact journals
30 K Grant
Oral presentation: 15
Poster presentations: 5 in prestigious conferences.

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* Re:Chance in IM residency
  santhosh - 09/28/19 15:22
  You will be having the chances, but as you are having less score and an old grad it will be better to have hands-on clinical experience for making the strong LORs and can show that you are clinically active.  
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* Re:Chance in IM residency
  kavya@4a1 - 09/28/19 15:25
  As are having home country residency it will be helpful for the application and if you have gained the rotation in the IM specialty then you will be having better chances.

Also there is still time for getting the invites for IVs, most of the programs start sending the invitations from October.
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* Re:Chance in IM residency
  kjhmel2030 - 09/29/19 15:22
  I have 24 months of hands-on clinical experience, But what is the impact of having an attempt in step 1 on my application and my chance for an interview.
Is there anyone with similar experience
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* Re:Chance in IM residency
  kjhmel2030 - 10/09/19 21:25
  is there anyone in the same situation?  
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