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* Please guide.
  img0720 - 10/03/19 06:56
I am an old IMG graduated in 2007, I know its almost impossible for me to match in any speciality given my YOG and couple of attempts let alone in California.
I say almost impossible cause I believe in hope. I have had gaps here and there but have been working in medial field since almost 3 years and plan to apply this year. (I have multiple observerships, research experience, and externships past 10 years)
I am posting in pure desperation, I want guidance of how to make my dream work (sorry its vague but i don't know what to ask for)
and what are my alternatives. As in what else I can do if not residency, at this point which will make me a candidate who can apply evry year until I match. Please be kind in pointing direction even if its with grain of salt. Thank you.
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* Re:Please guide.
  par469 - 10/04/19 18:49
  Dear IMG0720
I am in a similar boat as you but I guess we are all made of great hopes and optimism or support and motivate each other.
I was terminated from a residency program in 2006. I then joined a program called Spiritual Care Residency (also called Clinical Pastoral Education) - the residents and those who graduate from this program are called as Chaplains. It is almost like psychiatry residency without physical examination, diagnosing and prescribing pills-because they are not trained in medical schools. They are actually religious school (seminary) graduates/masters. However, all the rest of the activities of these Chaplains are identical to psychiatrists or psychotherapits. Through that I grew in confidence once again. I followed up my Spiritual Care residency with Masters of Divinity degree at Harvard and PhD at Berkeley and a Spiritual Care Fellowship at Stanford. Now I am planning to apply for Psych residency programs. I am confident and also nervous in my application process.
Hope this helps you and others.

I have a question for you: Do you or anyone know if after 10 years, the USMLE scores will not be valid or they need to be re-evauluated? Would I need to apply for a new ECFMG Certification ???
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* Re:Please guide.
  img0720 - 10/08/19 10:35
  Yes I know couple of friends who matched couple of years ago. Not sure of current trend. I got ECFMG certified in 2013, my understanding is that once you get certified its valid for life time.  
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* Re:Please guide.
  kavya@4a1 - 10/11/19 14:49
  As you are an old grad it is important to show PDs that you are clinically acitve and which you can get through gaining externship rotations. Also as you are an old grad for improving the Chances completing Step 3 exam if not completed and having contacts will be helpful during the IV season in the Match process.  
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* Re:Please guide.
  santhosh - 10/17/19 13:50
  You have a very long gap in the application, so it will be tough for matching into the programs which have a specific cut-off for the YOG.

Try to look for programs carefully and apply broadly. Also, try to gain more hands-on clinical experience for making the CV strong and to make the application clinically active.
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