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* Scam
  mike7879 - 11/02/19 23:13
  Just as a warning for someone who may be still preparing his application or applying next year, stay away from, they are SCAM, they charged me $270 to review my C.V. and then I realized they don't have medical background like they claim, When I talked to them and requested a refund, they said ok we will refund you, after a week when I didn't receive the refund I contacted them they said they already refunded my card, one more week again I contacted them they insisted that they refunded my card already and asked me to check with my bank !!!! now after a month and after I told them that they are lying and they didn't refund me anything , they sent me an email saying that they gave me 70% bonus to use on their website, what a joke, please refrain from that shitty website, save your money people, I was so stupid to deal with them  
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* Re:Scam
  rosesandpeonies - 11/09/19 18:21
  Aw noo :( I'm sorry that happened to you. You have to be really careful everyone and do some research!! There's lots of other services out their that will give you your money's worth but you need to find them. when I was looking for a consulting company I did lots of research, and I asked them lots of questions on the phone. Look for services that have a lot of good reviews and ratings from real customers -- third party websites like trustpilot are good for that because you can't fake those. Also look for a page with their team members and check their credentials. I was really happy with the service I found but I made sure they had the results to back it up  
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* Re:Scam
  mintandroses - 12/11/19 17:36
  go to trusted names only....bemo is really great for this  
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