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* about MD2Bconnect
  specialholic - 11/22/19 08:48
  Hello guys

Do you have any information about the MD2Bconnect service?
Is it reliable? or Is it efficient to get a goal?

please let me know if you have some experience

Thank you
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* Re:about MD2Bconnect
  futuremd313 - 12/19/19 15:31
  Hello specialholic,
While I have heard good things, I do not have any personal experience of my own to share with you. But their company is listed on the AMA website for observership programs for IMGs, as well as other AMA recognized programs. I'll add the link so you can look at it as well. - .
Best of Luck!
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* Re:about MD2Bconnect
  doctornv - 03/14/20 16:31
  Hello Specialholic,
I have used MD2B connect for clinical rotations. I can say it was a great experience for me. I did psychiatry rotations with this company. The majority of the doctors are great physicians and genuinely care about their patients. Also I learned a great deal about various outpatient settings as well as improving my clinical case taking skills. The doctors would even encourage me to improve my clinical knowledge by either attending conferences with them or by reading up on journals from the NEJM and discussing what I learned. I highly recommend you to check out their website and see for yourself.

Doctor NV
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* Re:about MD2Bconnect
  sandra1981 - 03/15/20 12:31
  Why did you create all these accounts to fool people ? LOL IMGs are smarter than AMGs; they can easily see it  
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* Re:about MD2Bconnect
  doctornv - 04/06/20 06:00

I am a US IMG that matched into a residency program this year. I did various rotations with private hospitals and research at university Hospitals. My MD2B rotations were part of my experience in America to gain more clinical knowledge and to sharpen my skills for residency. I wish you the best of luck in the upcoming match or if you did already match, congratulations. I decided to write this post to share my experiences with this community.

Best wishes,
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