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* Step 3 time limit
  njotv - 01/03/19 19:23
  Hello people, Im currently in 1st year of fam med residency, and Im not done with my step 3. My question for everybody is that my step 1 was in 2011 and there are more than 7 years, Im in Texas and planning to stay in this state. FSMB page says that if your time limit is more than 7 yrs but you are board certified there is no problem to practice in this state. Any one else in the same situation???? thank you in advance..  
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* Re:Step 3 time limit
  njotv - 01/03/19 19:59
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* Re:Step 3 time limit
  usmloma - 01/03/19 23:11
  have you talked to the board in texas? so if yo are board certified, yo are ok and can practice everywhere. but if not borad certified like ABIM then seven years rule apply and some states will not give you permanent licence.
I am the same situation and I do not know what to do
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* Re:Step 3 time limit
  step1sp - 01/04/19 18:32
  Hi guys,

Did anyone of you talk to any state licensing boards which has the 7 years limit for all the steps? Does that apply for TEMPORARY license to start residency in states where 7 years apply? Where is the info that says you can practice in all states with out the 7 years rule applying if you are board certified? Could you guys let us know? Thanks.
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* Re:Step 3 time limit
  usmloma - 01/05/19 02:48
  Temporary license to start residency does not need step 3. to have permanent license u need to have three yrs of training in most of states. once u are board certified you can apply and 7 yrs rule does not apply (state board told my friend)  
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* Re:Step 3 time limit
  img919 - 01/05/19 03:22
  does that mean candidates are eligible to apply/start for residency in states with 7 year rule.......even though the state has 7 year rule for permanent license.....and 7 year limit has expired for step 3 .......

are the criteria for temporary license same or different for states??

help guys....
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* Re:Step 3 time limit
  njotv - 01/07/19 09:11
  I hope this can help guys. I found this, in my case that Im planning to stay in Texas, I called TMB and this is the only info they gave me.

check Accepts FCVS
Number of attempts at Licensing Exam
3 attempts at each USMLE Step or COMLEX Level. (Exceptions may apply for applicants who held a Texas Physician in Training permit on or before September 1, 2005 or who have been licensed in good standing in another state for 5 years. See TMB website for more information.)
Minimum Postgraduate Training Required
1 year
2 years IMG
Time Limit for Completing Licensing Examination Sequence
7 years+ to complete the USMLE or COMLEX. (Exceptions may apply for applicants who are especially board certified or who completed combined MD/PhD programs, or who exceed the time limit but are willing to accept a limited license to practice exclusively in an MUA or HPSA. See TMB website for more information.)
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* Re:Step 3 time limit
  step1sp - 01/08/19 15:35
  The FSMB site has not updated the 7 years rule for certain states. I checked with one of the state boards and they told me that they removed 7 years requirement for initial licensing and the FSMB site might not have updated it. So, I would call each state board to clarify.
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* Re:Step 3 time limit
  step1sp - 01/08/19 15:44
  to usmloma,

Hi, I know we don't need step 3 to start residency. However we need the temporary license. I was told that in one of the states they will not issue temporary license for people who don't meet the requirements for initial license, which was the question. But thanks anyway.
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