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* where to start
  anam123 - 03/05/19 10:00
Does anyone have any advice as to how to start? i started reading through MTB 3 and started the uworld qbank, but unlike the step 2 uworld that is divided into IM,Pediatrics and such, the step 3 bank is divided into fundamentals of practice and advanced clinical knowledge. which left me confused because up till now I usually always went subject wise once and then randomly. Does anyone have a good strategy to get things going?
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* Re:where to start
  khan88 - 03/05/19 16:27
  Start reviewing your CK material and do Step 3 qbank simultaneously. Also if your CK was recent then you dont have to go back and do CK UW but rather review your UW notes. But if it was a while back like a year ago then I suggest you do UW CK qbank as well.

For Step 3 pick one source and stick with it. I personally like MTB 3, and I also used that for CK. In addition, make sure you review some high yield topics on UptoDate such as alogorithms.

Notes: CK source + MTB 3+ UptoDate on HY topics
Qbank: UW CK and Step 3 and also what is helpful is to do buch of NBME exams and clinical mastery series.

For CCS: I am using UW, Crush ccs, archer videos.
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* Re:where to start
  moseshans - 03/09/19 19:31
  hi Khan88
What do you suggest for day 1 which is mostly step 1 questions.
Is UW step 3 just enough for all that.
suggestions pls
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