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* usmle step 3 preparation
  tunoe - 03/11/19 22:56
Best preparation sources for step 3:

This is the absolutely most important resource for you to use. If you are going to do nothing else to prepare for Step 3, then this is what I would recommend.


it will highlight your areas of weakness and point you towards the areas you should be spending the most time.


Review Books
Review books should be used as a way to supplement your knowledge, refresh yourself on topics that you may not have seen for several years, and to address material that you are struggling to learn through the question bank.

The recommended books are:

First Aid for Step 3

Master the Boards for Step 3

1- UWorld’s CCS Cases help you prepare and boost your confidence for the test day.

uworld ccs

2- Mapping CCS: 2019, excellent preparation tool wide range of cases. The high yield non uworld cases can be find

2019 Mapping ccs

3- Crush CCS cases: provides easy and short review.

crush ccs

Biostats and Abstract/ Pharm ads:
UWord biostats: Good review, good price

UWorld Biostats

Biostats words for the boards: good book, and the best is to take a live tutor course. it will save your time:

Biostats words for the boards

USMLE STEP 3 Preparation Plan:

1. Start early

Different preparation times have been suggested, Depending on what you are doing, if you are in residency or not, at
least 3-4 weeks of dedicated studying for the exam is needed.

2- Q Banks:

NBMEs can be used as a way of predicting your final score. Take an NBME at the very beginning of your Step 3 study
period. Doing this can give you a baseline score, and will often make students much less nervous about the exam.

2. Consider using tutor

Live tutor can save a lot of your time reviewing your weak points whether they are ccs, biostats or pharmacology. that
will allow a more focused approach to your studying.

3. Master Clinical Case Simulation (CCS) Questions

CCS accounts for 25% of your final score, before going to the exam, make sure that you practice the cases and you
understand the principles about the software

4. Don’t underestimate Biostats, preventive medicine, Abstract/ pharm ads and pharmacology questions

The exam had a significant number of biostats questions, more than prior steps. These topics are as important as
internal medicine and pediatrics in the exam.
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* Re:usmle step 3 preparation
  kurra - 03/18/19 19:26
  Premier Review Live lectures for Step3 is the best way to prepare, in my opinion. Rest do as may question banks UWORLD, Board Vitals, Amboss, CCSCASES.COM
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