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* Passed Step 3..!
  aquadrpp - 03/29/19 16:01
  I finally passed step 3 :)

My experience:

Study time 4 months, with 2 months of serious studying. Started with MTB, but didn't find it of much help.
U world Q bank-Completed one round with understanding all the explanations. Second round I did only the incorrect questions (many of them..!)
Started Archer Q bank as well, but hardly managed about 5 or 6 tests, didn't find them helpful,so left it.

For CCS- Started listening to Archer notes (Rapid prep) first, these are very helpful. Then moved to UW CCS cases, I did them twice. Also read some cases from Crush CCS book. But after the exam I think all you need is UW CCS.

Exam day : Day 1 was filled with biostats and epidemiology (not my favorite).Every block had so many of these questions, so practice all biostat questions well from UW. Each block had one drug ad, just leave those for the last, don't waste time initially.
Day 2 was a big relief at least from the biostat questions. MCQs were ok. CCS cases are all doable, nothing extraordinary, nothing that can't be managed. Just try and utilize your time efficiently. The 10 mins cases fly by real fast, it's just that one particular investigation or lab in every case they are looking for in the 10 min cases., if you get that your case is done.
Manage your break time efficiently esp on Day 2. I used all 45-50 mins of break time during the initial MCQs, so before start of CCS block I had like 3 mins of total break time left. Don't worry about break time in CCS cases. Most of the cases finish early, so you get enough break time in between the CCS cases as well.

UWSA 1 - 207
UWSA 2 - 227
Real exam result -222

I hope this helps. Let me know if you have any questions. Good luck..!
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* Re:Passed Step 3..!
  eshgh - 04/06/19 15:35
Do you still have the online version of UWORLD q bank, I am willing to buy it my exam is in Aug, Please let me know if you have it and willing to sell. You can contact me at
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* Re:Passed Step 3..!
  vidhi - 04/07/19 13:02
  i did my step 2 ck 3 years ago. do u think i need to go over step 2 ck notes kaplan and step 2 ck uworld again?
Do you think mtb step 3 and uworld step 3 is enough?
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* Re:Passed Step 3..!
  aquadrpp - 04/08/19 12:20
My UW subscription has expired.

If possible try to go over your Step 2 ck notes. If you don't have much time then you can jump directly to UW Step 3. MTB 3 is good only if you have doubt in any question and want to read about it. Otherwise it's content is volatile.
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* Re:Passed Step 3..!
  jjblack - 04/08/19 18:32
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* Re:Passed Step 3..!
  aquadrpp - 04/09/19 12:00
  Thanks jjblack  
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* Re:Passed Step 3..!
  musicalhorse - 04/13/19 15:05
  congrats! Archer seems to be the best for CCS  
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