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* Question help.....
  tier3master - 04/02/19 11:27
  A 31- year old woman presents to the emergency department for double vision. She has noted this symptom intermittently for the past week, and notices it most prominently when gazing laterally. She has also noticed that her right eye appears more “droopy” than she is used to. Otherwise, she has noticed significant weight gain over the past few months. Her past medical history is unremarkable. She does not take any medications. On physical examination, she is afebrile. Her blood pressure is 142/91 mm Hg and heart rate is 77 beats/min. Head exam demonstrates ptosis of the right eye, with asymmetric dilatation and lateral deviation. During eye movements, the right eye fails to move medially. She has faint hirsutism. Prominent fat is noted on her posterior neck. Her chest is clear to auscultation, and she has no abnormal heart sounds. Abdominal exam demonstrates central obesity with striae. Her peripheral exam demonstrates mild pretrial edema without clubbing or cyanosis. Which of the following is the next step in management of this patient?

A) Funduscopic examination
B) Magnetic resonance imaging of the abdomen
C) magnetic resonance imaging of the brain
D) lumbar puncture
E) serum prolactin assay

Is this MS or cancer?
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* Active step 3 uworld to buy
  yalayala - 04/13/19 10:29
  Please someone needs an active step 3 Uworld till August or september 2019. contact if you have. Thanks.  
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* Re:Question help.....
  tchops - 04/13/19 11:09
  C) needs MRI..looks like pitiutary adenoma  
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