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* Typing really???????
  usmlecs78 - 04/02/19 12:52
  You guys been there done that, let me ask you a question. Recently talk to the people, who took the exam, lot of them not able to finish patient note ; eventhough they have been typing forever; any input output on that ???????????
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* Re:Typing really???????
  usmlecs78 - 04/02/19 12:56
  i am talking about step 2 cs thanks  
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* Re:Typing really???????
  usmlecs78 - 04/03/19 11:24
  comn lots of views no comment; it can be your exam question lol

chief complaint - y/o m or f - test center- not able to type under pressure otherwise average typer

vital sign - everything above normal, temp, bp, hr, rr

initial history - y/o dr, ambulatory but distressed not able to finish patient note on time, ordinary circumstance average typer; this never happen before.
ROS - negative except as above
Allergies- NKDA
PMH/PSH - None

Case Management-

Write Orders-

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* Re:Typing really???????
  usmlecs78 - 04/14/19 15:09
  wa i admire how persistent you guys are; so many views but no love for fellow traveler. we will be praying for all of you.  
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