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* Re:Thank you Jesus! I passed
  moseshans - 04/30/19 11:28
  Am in Intern yr.
So not so much time to study.
Did Uworld x1, didnt finish the qbank, had like 400 questions undone, refreshed the qbank and did 200 questions again.
Was not worried about the exam at all even though my program gave us a time limit to be done with it 3months before end of intern year.
Prayed, trusted my gut and made sure i knew the questions i did well.
No intense study time but got serious about studying at least 4hrs a day for about 3monhts.
Study materials: Uworld, MTB2 and uworld ccs.
Went through pathoma once, and step 1 First aid (biostats, biochem, microbiology) all at a glance so i dont look stupid when i see the questions.
First day and 2nd day was about same for me.
Made alot of mistakes basically step 1 questions mistake.
3-4 of the CCS questions ended very early, am sure i killed one of the pts.
But it all went fine and got my result last week.
So happy to be done with USMLE.
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* Re:Re:Thank you Jesus! I passed
  piptazo - 05/01/19 07:18
  Congrats on the pass!
What would you recommend for the Step 1 type questions?
I just passed Step 2CK and just started studying cause I heard its a good idea to take it if Step 2 material is fresh.
Thanks so much
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* in need for UWORLD active subscription
  eshgh - 05/05/19 14:17
  Hi and Congrats for passing your final USMLE exam, I have date for exam in August and wondering if you have an active UWORLD qbank subscription and willing to sell, if so, please do contact me at

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