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  astute - 05/28/19 08:43
  Just passed step three. Wanted to post my experience. Hopefully will calm people's anxiety.
Preparation...did ALL uworld qs and all the ccs cases( about90 plus). Supplemented with the internet. Bought the biostat section and did it it too.
Took a week in between day one and two.
Day 1 ...complete disaster,to the point where I just did not feel like continuing the exam.There were only two blocks that felt comfortable. On others it made no difference whether I had done the qs or not. I felt no amount of studying could have helped.
Day two...more of the same. I could bring down the answer to two choices but was generally not 100% sure.
A lot of pediatric and cardiology qs.
Ccs was weird. Only one case ended in like two minutes. The others dragged on( all of them). I did not kill any pt but only two or three got better towards the end.
The only thing I felt comfortable in was the initial workup of the patient. I had made myself a flow chart and memorized that. I felt that getting the initial work up right was crucial in my passing.
After the test did not give myself any chance of passing.
Result showed a comfortable pass. I just don't know how,but I will take it. Score sheet showed average in ALL subjects except biostats which was all the way to the left.And yes the trick,as some people have described did work for me,but then I really don't know it's true significance.
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