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  socalstudypartner - 05/28/19 14:02
  I am interested in studying along with others. I would like to use Skype to study together getting our individual Step 3 goals handled without disturbing/distracting one another except on study breaks or designated interactive study times. I am using flashcards I created with another studypartner using the entire content of the MTB3 most current edition and would love to review that with others (using mini questions) during our interactive study time as well as some warm up questions from Kaplan or UW.

Skype ID: MOMMD5
In first message, type: Study Hall (defined below)

My Availability:
9-11am Pacific Standard Time: Independent study: I will be REVIEWING my qbank explanations).
2-6pm Pacific Standard Time: Interactive study: every other hour with flashcards etc.)

Reply with your Skype ID, here, or find me on Skype to start ASAP. Hope to see you there!
study hall (noun)
Definition of study hall
1 : a room in a school set aside for study
2 : a period in a student's day set aside for study and homework
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