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* CCS Study partner
  khan88 - 06/06/19 14:43
  I am planning to take my exam in the first two weeks of Aug. I am looking for CCS study partner or a group to go over CCS cases and discuss indications etc. I am planning to spend around 2-3 hrs max everday for CCS and the rest of the time for MCQ. If anyone would like to just go over CCS with me, please share Skype id and we can work out a schedule. I would say max 1-2hrs everday to go over important CCS stuff since its still important to practice cases on our own as well.  
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* Re:CCS Study partner
  sella - 06/06/19 16:46
  Your time zone and availability?  
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* Re:CCS Study partner
  vel30 - 07/03/19 05:24, i habe my exam on the same time in the month of aug  
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* Re:CCS Study partner
  sabu12 - 07/08/19 10:42
  I am interested my skype sonchu12
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* Re:CCS Study partner
  izald19 - 07/08/19 13:29
I have my exam in same date. Im in Los Angeles, PST.
i would like join with us.
my availability is every day after 7 pm. im resident.
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* Re:CCS Study partner
  stepsmaster20 - 07/09/19 02:21
  I would like to join
please add me: skype ID;marya8889
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