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* I am done
  allensolly420 - 06/28/19 19:55
  Hi every one .I am one of the silent member of the forum from a quite long time.I just want to give some input about my experience.I used U world ,MKSAP,Archer and stastics i used you tube videos.
My USMLE world average 69,No self assessments taken as it will not cover CCS.
I used archer CCS which was immense help.I got my score few months ago but i want to post some input now as i had some family issues to address.Well step 3 is not easy as every one say .u need to read very well and the exam is long and exhausting. keep looking at the forum every CCS well as it is easy and it will help u to get good score.Day 1 is very tricky and u will need more time to finish each block.Day 2 is ok again try to get all the CCS cases correct .I am a old graduate and with clinical experience but I am happy that i am done.I used to get depressed and used to see forum which help me to get some confidence.This exam is tough but we need to finish it and l hope life will be better after this.Good luck to all.
My score-230-240
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* Re:I am done
  sick99 - 07/07/19 11:34
  Where did you find MKSAP? Can someone help me with that?  
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* Re:I am done
  momosa - 07/07/19 22:53
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* Re:I am done
  allensolly420 - 07/09/19 21:10
  MKSAP 18 google it and u will see in ACP .Any person who is doing residency will have it.Dont buy as it is expensive.Do question from selective topics like CVS,RS,General international medicine.Uworld also has same topic so if u do MKSAP U WILL BE GOOD WITH MEDICINE.

Try to listen to Archer every day 1 H donít keep CCS TILL the end .

Good luck.
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* Re:I am done
  usmle532 - 07/09/19 22:38
  If you wanna do MKSAP, leave your contact email or skypeid  
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* Re:I am done
  momosa - 07/18/19 23:33
  did you put in a lot of effort for MCQ prep too?  
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* Re:I am done
  sick99 - 07/19/19 19:33
  Our program doesnít have MKSAP. Usmle532 or others I really appreciate if you can send it to me as I failed this step twice, and really freaking out. My email is  
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* Re:I am done
  allensolly420 - 07/20/19 22:05
  Yes I put a lot of effort to MCQ as well .If you know theory you will do well in CCS also but u need to know How to proceed with the case. I used to go on treadmill every day and was listing to Archer videos in that way I was in touch with CCS every day.

MKSAP is not compulsory I just did it as it will help for my board and in service exams. I never purchased it .I use senior who gave his ID.

Any way U World is more than enough. If you are in residency it will really help as so many questions u will answer without any effort. Don't take this exam easy as I have seen lot of people getting low scores even very good in step 1 and step 2 .U need to do questions more and more .Time management is important as lot of questions will be missed due to lack of time in each block. Read the questions carefully and if labs and history do not correlate then it is not the correct answer for most of the question. Any way it is frustrating to study for this useless exam but we all need to finish it.People say if you do well in CCS u will pass or get good score. But I believe u need to go well in every thing Day 1 MCQ ,Day 2 MCQ and CCS.Just give every thing the best u can.I am in busy rotation now but I will reply when ever I am free. Good luck .
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* Re:I am done
  momosa - 07/28/19 18:54
  Thanks allensolly24. Never thought about using treadmill time like that...great advise :)  
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