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* Please help me with this )failed it twice(
  sick99 - 07/01/19 23:41
  I failed the exam twice and this can not be any frustrating. I need to add more things to what I did before which was only UW Qbank and CCS.

Do you know which Qbank is better in addition to UW: Kaplan Qbank or Archer Q bank ??

Also anyone used (recommend??) these videos:

My report shows that I did low in behavioral health and ethics, anyone has any suggestion??

I wish at least the report was a bit more specific and helpful. It shows I did the same in all but behavioral!! Also based on the trick I had to pass this time but I didn't. So basically if you pass you won't see the link but if you don't see the link doesn't mean that you have definitely passed!

I appreciate any help from you guys. I am losing it...
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* Re:Please help me with this )failed it twice(
  agmd - 07/02/19 19:48
  Oh man, I'm sorry to hear this :(
I haven't taken the exam yet but I have had some good advice from different people.
The first day has a lot of bio stats so have all the formulas memorized cold. I heard that if you do the uworld bio stats you should be more than okay. And also the day before the test only do bio stats so you feel confident the day of when you see all these bio stats questions. When you are in the exam try your hardest to get all the calculations correct in each biostatistics problem because they should be similar to the uworld you have already done. Also, CCS is very important. You should do all the cases in uworld and crush CCS because people who have done both say they really didn't have any surprises on the actual exam. Biostats and CCS are very important so make sure you have a good grasp on both.
I'm not sure what you should do for ethics because I heard the actual exam has really weird ethics questions but I'm supplementing mtbs ethics with the 100 ethics questions from Kaplan. Try to pick the nicest response to the patient with the most logical reasoning... I'm sorry I don't have any good advice on this subject
Also, I think you would benefit from getting a review book, not for the information but for structure so that your learning isn't that scattered with just questions (this is what I'm doing). I am using MTBs step 3 but I think you can use whatever review book you feel comfortable with. Some people have the ability to go through questions alone and do well on the exam but that's definitely not me. Also, UW QBank for Step 3 is good and definitely a must but you should also study your uworld ck notes or at least the charts from step 2 uworld for ck material. The reason is that your foundation maybe weak. When I go through mtbs 3 it glosses through some disease processes because they assume you know it from step 2 ck. I noticed that in the UWSA and NBME that I have taken there was some step 2 ck stuff right out of the qbank, if you know the ck material it will help with some questions on the practice exams and probably the real exam. I wouldn't recommend other qbanks, I think uworld is sufficient because it is the "gold standard". I think since you haven't done well, you should get the ck qbank too because it would be worth it for you. I know it's a lot to go thru step 3 and step 2 qbanks but I really think it would benefit you.
Stay positive and study hard. This is the final step so think of it like you are almost done with the usmle step exams and once you pass you will never have to worry about it again.
Bottom Line: emphasize on bio stats and CCS. Get a review book, uworld step 2 ck and step 3 qbanks. I think if you do these things you should be set. Also, don't take the exam again until you are getting at least a 200 on uwsa and/or 400 on nbmes. Goodluck!
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* Re:Please help me with this )failed it twice(
  sick99 - 07/07/19 11:36
  Thanks for your response  
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* Re:Please help me with this )failed it twice(
  momosa - 07/07/19 22:52
  Sorry to hear that.
How did you fare on your CCS section? If you did ok on CCS, you can improve more and get a few more points that could remove heavy reliance on MCQ for passing.

For CCS, personally I think Archer CCS is the gold standard. UW is a software and does not seem to have exact newer ccs software updates. FYI, UW CCS doe snot even have rivaroxaban as an option for DVT where as exam software has it. Archer demonstrates all these important CCS cases on new usmle exam software directly so it is like exact software algorithms you will see on exam.

For MCQs, you already did UW. There is no point in repeating the same qbank as repeating same Qs skews the averages and gives false sense of comfort. You can do them in tutor mode to read explanations though. Most importantly, I would suggest improve your foundations by learning what concepts that are highly tested on exam. I am using Archer theory 35 hour lectures and find them great for concepts. Additionally, I am doing both Archer and Kaplan Question banks as I already finished UW.
The way I see it is .....covering more number of questions from different sources leads to repeated exposure to different styles and concepts and in turn, more positive hits on the actual exam.

Best of luck!
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* Re:Please help me with this )failed it twice(
  momosa - 07/07/19 22:55
  For close failures by 1 to 5 points; CCS can be the game changer. Read the analysis under heading "why ccs important" at : ; makes perfect sense.
Good luck!
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* Re:Please help me with this )failed it twice(
  sick99 - 07/09/19 06:58
  momosa, thank you for your response. I went over all the UW CCS cases, knew 50 cases very well and read the pdf ones. I reviewed CCS better in my second attempt and practice some of the cases in crush CCS software. When I took the exam for the first time, reports had different structure, it was as Archer shows, like a bar and I had my CCS stretching from mid low to the middle. But the report has a different look now, basically there is a lower, same, and higher. I did the same for all parts other than ethics. This is very confusing because "same" doesn't mean average, it means I did the same in most parts as well as in CCS. Not sure how this report can help me to figure out how to study in a way to pass!!!

You mentioned archer software, is archer has cases in a software? Or you mean the workshops/videos and the explanation of the cases?

Do you want to share archer concepts with me?

I am planning to do UW and Kaplan Qbank, and read master the board 2-3. Please let me know how archer Qbank is different from Kaplan and UW Qbank.

This exam is not easy, or maybe I am not a good test taker and if you take your test well, you will pass. I don't know but I never failed any of my previous steps, and never thought this happens. Just do more than you have planned to be sure you will pass in the first attempt.

Thank you
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*  …We are not ‘looking for hamburgers, or pizza del
  newimresident2019 - 07/09/19 15:39
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