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* Step 3 Study material and Guidance
  sinoatrial - 08/07/19 13:00
  hi everyone, i am new to the prep for step 3. can you guys please tell me
1- what material should i use?
2- uw all are saying is best . what is archor and how much is helpful
3- kaplan lecture notes , how do you recommend?
4- CCS cases source?
5- how much we can get a gap in these two days and how much gap is better?
thank you so much for your help and support.
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* Re:Step 3 Study material and Guidance
  socalstudypartner - 08/12/19 22:48
  1. I'm using UW, but will soon begin Amboss. Very nice interface. Also MTB3 for reference.
2. Archer has a solid reputation for CCS. There are many options available: live interactive, recorded packages, payperview recordings... SOLID; UW is also reliable. Many are using Crush CCS book which also incorporates USMLE practice materials. Affordable solution that is also comprehensive is Mapping CCS.
3. Kaplan lecture notes I have used while preparing for their live lecture. Nice way to get immersed into the topics. I havent really returned to the notes just yet. Not sure I have a plan too. Other opinions would be good on this.
4. see #2
5. Copied from You can schedule and take your two testing days on consecutive or non-consecutive days. However, Step 3 Day 1 must be taken first, followed by Step 3 Day 2. Your exam days may be no more than 14 calendar days apart, and you must schedule both test dates with Prometric at the same time and at the same center.

Many blessings on your exam journey!
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* Re:Step 3 Study material and Guidance
  momosa - 08/14/19 01:17
  I agree with socalstudypartner
I am also using mostly Archer for CCS; Uworld for qbank. CCS is regarded very imp for passing Step3
I am doing some theory lectures from archer as well in addition to extra Qbank from archer
Read MTB step 3
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