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* UWSA1 and NBME 4 advice
  ohiodoc88 - 08/12/19 18:43
  I am planning to take the exam Aug 29 and Sept 5. I am an US IMG (Caribb)and will be applying this cycle. I have been practicing CCS cases on uworld and watched Archer. Planning to spend good 3 hours everyday until exam to make sure I am comfortable with it.

I took UWSA 1 and for 490 (215) 3 weeks before but I didnít review everything that time and missed easy questions and was rushed for time and had to guess on last 2-3 questions on every block. Figured I would change my strategy and practice uworld questions timed and not on tutor mode.

Today I took NBME 4 and got 520. Felt this exam was way harder compared to UWSA.

So I would like to know how predictive were these scores to the real exam. Of course CCS have to be taken into account. My goal is to at least get 230?
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* Re:UWSA1 and NBME 4 advice
  neurogirl91 - 08/12/19 19:35
  why didnt you take UWSA2?  
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* Re:UWSA1 and NBME 4 advice
  ohiodoc88 - 08/12/19 20:04
  @neurogirl91 some of my friend who took the exam recently said the UWSA was not representative of the real exam. As you are aware the MCQ portion is divided into FIP and ACM day1 /day 2 respectively. UWSA 1 focused more with management and less focus on ethics and biostats and Pathophys which is pretty much day 1 FIP. The Nbme 4 had 3 blocks of FIP and 2 blocks of ACM. So NBME 4 was lot closer in terms of the style of questions and content. Also in UWSA 1 the ACM part doesnít focus much on prognosis but NBME 4 has a good chunk of that as well.

UWSA 1 is still a good exam to take but def canít be compared to NBME. Also since there are lot of pathophys questions involved. I am planning to take NBME 8 for CK and then UWSA 2 for
Step 3 and keep NBME 5 as the practice exam. In the end itís the NBME who makes the Usmle so want to prolly rely on that more in terms of score.

Havenít taken UWSA 2 so canít comment on that yet. But def felt NBME 4 was lot harder (esp in term of picking answer choices since for most of the questions there was always 2 good answers and had to take an educated guess)

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