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* Step 3 Day 1 Experience
  ohiodoc88 - 09/08/19 01:52
  Sources used: OME, MTB 3, Amboss (HY and for reference)

Prep time: 4-5 months (Dedicated last 3 months)

Qbank: UW step 3, UW step 2 (1600 q's), Amboss qbank step 3 (650q's), did NBME subject forms but wasnt really helpful and found it easy compared to qbanks and real exam,

Practice exams: UWSA 1 215 (490) 6 weeks out
NBME 4 520 4 weeks out
UWSA 2 231 (560) 3 weeks out

Exam day 1: I cant discuss the details of the exam but overall feeling about the exam "Vague". 90% of the time you know whats the diagnosis from reading the vignettes but however the answer choices were vague. Majority of the exam I was between 2 answer choices.

50% of the exam were super staraight forward 4/10 on the hardness scale
50% of the exam were vague 7-10/10 on the hardness scale. But however for the most of it you can take an educated guess 25% of them and then other 25% you really hope you pick the correct one out of the two (YES! there were maybe 5-8 questions max where I had no idea what was the answer but otherwise its always down to 2)

Skips the biostats ads and abstracts to the end. There were mutiple instances I had to guess on it due to time constraint. Biostats on this exam UWORLD biostats, step2/3 uworld qbank is all you need (DONT DO ANYTHING ELSE) know these two sources cold, including the explanations and the wrong answer explantions. Doing step 1 FA, qbank for biostats will not help since the level of toughness is equal to step 2 and 3 qbanks. No suprises, the questions will be similar to what you will see on these two qbanks. However, due to time constraint, it gets really harder and you may have to take a hit in few of these abstracts at least like part of it.

With regards to IM. Make sure you know the pathophys, and "everything" about the dz, the labs and tests. You can be tested of any aspect of it and not just the highest yield, including the drugs (everything about it).

Peds/OB GYN/PSYCH: Just have to know the highest yield. In my opinion, at least on my exam they were pretty straight forward and no tricks. UWOLRD ck/step 3 and OME prepared me well for this .

Overall if i can go back, i would re read uworld explanations for the questions and not just the tables. I felt there were lot of the things that was tested were in the explanation paragraphs in uworld and sometimes they werent even highlighted. So pay attention to those.

I cant say I did amazing. I missed some easy question, kinda felt stressed at the beginning but once i calmed down my nerves, I was able to do well. I missed 4-5 easy questions that I knew cold but couldnt think at that time. The exam is not impossible. The only reason it looks hard because of ethics and biostats otherwise its a doable exam.

Now onto Day 2 in less than a week. Goal is 220+

For CCS i am using Archer CCS, Uworld CCS.
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* Re:Step 3 Day 1 Experience
  medliushuo - 09/09/19 11:28
  Thanks for sharing. Good luck!  
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