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* Advice needed for Archer videos
  skremsaliuk - 10/10/19 22:27
  Hello, I want to ask for advice regarding the Archer videos. They have basic course (about 40 hours) for $88 and full course (100 hours) for $320. Does it worth to buy the full one?
I have exam in 1 month and just want to use the time wisely. I consider 2 scenarios but not sure which one to choose:
1. To buy basic Archer one and practice more on real Primum software and dedicate more time on cases in Crush CCS review?
2. To buy full Archer and practice less on real software.

Is 1 month enough time to prepare for CCS portion?

Thank you in advance.
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* Re:Advice needed for Archer videos
  musicalhorse - 10/13/19 00:56
  Archer is ablosute must in my opinion for CCS. It's the only course that shows cases on latest exam software and secrets to crack it well.
Usually, $88 one is enough. But again it depends on your needs. If you failed step 3 before, the entire pacakge of many videos that has 80 cases is the best. I did full course because i wanted to master ccs fully as i am somewhat weak in mcqs.
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