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  residencytarget - 10/12/19 13:39
  I took the test recently. My prep time was really short, as I am in a busy residency program. I did feel bad about procrastinating this test too far.
My Day 1 was mostly notable for biostats/ psychiatry. Time was not an issue, as most Q were short stems. You have time to think through Drug Ads. Expect Drug Ad in each block.
Day 2 was a disaster, MCQ part was mostly things that I remotely remember, that I have learned, but forgotten. My CK was 4 years ago. I ran out of time on three CCS blocks. Mostly the 10 minute CCS Q. Also there is a lag with the software, so try to practice in 8 minutes, would be my advise.
My prep was mostly incomplete. I did do U world Q bank, but on and off during residency. My CCS experience was doing the Fred software on the day prior and reading the Uworld cases.
UWSA was around 214 two weeks prior to test. I did not really prep in the last two weeks, though I wanted to, as you get less time off. I did review Biostats in the last two weeks, which I believe helped me tremendously. Nothing more. If you have recently taken CK, try to finish this stupid test soon.
If I were to do something differently, I would have practiced more CCS and get comfortable. Would have reviewed psychiatry more prior to the test.
If anyone's wondering my score 229.
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* Re:Usmle Step3 Pass
  oranges - 10/14/19 01:15
how many 10min cases you got
how many biostats q in each block
mostly what type of questions in biostats
how long did u prepare
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* Re:Usmle Step3 Pass
  ngty1991 - 10/14/19 15:06
  Oranges, when i did my exam 1 month ago, i had around 7-8 10 min cases and about 4-5, 20 min cases
1st day biostats, you will have at least 1 drug ad (3 questions total) and maybe another 5 pure biostats (ARR, NTT, NT etc)
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* Re:Usmle Step3 Pass
  oranges - 10/14/19 15:56
  Thankyou so much
Any suggestions how to solve biostats questions quickly
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