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* help with this Q - Biostatistic
  carotid19 - 11/05/19 12:00
  the question is in Uworld about Hawthorne effect .
A randomized controlled study od chronically sleep deprived , morbid obese subjects examined whether sleep extension is assoc w weight loss and metabolic problems . the intervention consisted of education regarding sleep hygiene and a gradual changed to subjects bedtimes, participants went to general visit 1 then 2 months later visit 2 were randomized into either an intervention group or a comparison group, researches evaluated several parameters , including sleep duration, daytime sleepiness ans subjective sleep quality .the were statistically significant difference parameters between visit 1 and visit 2 ,which of the following is the best explanation for the difference findings at the screening and randomization visits?
and the numbers are almost the same!
i really dont understand thist question , please help !
i understand the concept of hawthorne effect but im not able to see that on the numbers that give us in the question
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* Re:help with this Q - Biostatistic
  sella - 11/11/19 21:44
  Can you please post the whole question?  
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