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* does this mean i failed?
  coccidioides03 - 11/24/19 16:22
  can someone please help me figure out what this means?

My day 2 was Nov 8th (a Friday), which means i should be getting my score this upcoming Wednesday. This morning on the NBME website, the 'print permit' link is still available, but when I click on it, i get the error "Application error: Permit is not available. The candidate may have sat for the exam or the registration is no longer active". On the FSMB website, it says i have an active registration and my status is "approved".

Does this mean I failed?

p.s. nov 11 was veterans day, a federal holiday, so not sure if this will affect my score release or not..
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* Re:does this mean i failed?
  prayforall - 11/25/19 10:19
  For some these tricks have worked, while for others these tricks hold no authenticity. Regardless, i hope you pass.

If you don't mind, can you please share how did your exam go overall?
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* Re:does this mean i failed?
  ohiodoc88 - 11/26/19 12:38
  So the way you know if you are going to receive your scores on Wed is the Sunday or Monday you should see your permit link disappear. Until then you will see a link to print permit but then when you click on it error message will appear stating candidate may have sat for the exam. Therefore, the entire thing should disappear and not even give you an option to click on it .

And on Tuesday early morning on FSMB site my status changed to expired without an option to reapply.

If you still see you permit link but canít access it on candidate website, it means you wonít be receiving the scores Wed. It doesnít mean you failed. But however if you see a link to reapply on FSMB website then most likely the person failed step 3.
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* Re:does this mean i failed?
  shazam - 11/26/19 21:06
  If u took ur 2nd part test on Nov 8 ur score will b ready on Nov 27
All the best to u !
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