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* nmbe 5
  ahmedthiab1 - 12/18/19 18:16
  Hey Guys, Just wrote NBME 5 for step 3 and the score is 340, what does that mean? the exam is next Monday, 12/23.
what is your advice?
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* Re:nmbe 5
  bbb2 - 12/18/19 20:11
  Hi ahmedthiab1

So I took nbme 4 last week and got a 430. I went on a google hunt and for the most part I was reading that >400 and youre in good shape. Have you taken any UWSA yet? I think without the CCS portion the NBME is bullshit. Which is stupid because its a 60$ exam still, there should be something accurate.

In terms of taking your exam, just based off what I read >400 seems to be safe, so you might be close to passing
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* Re:nmbe 5
  ahmedthiab1 - 12/18/19 21:08
  Hey, bbb2
Thanks a lot for your reply. this is so helpful. I am thinking to do a dedicated study next 4 days to focus on my weakness and go for the exam. I will take UWSA on Sunday to exercise the time and stamina. Hopefully my score will be better cuz my search showed UWSA is a better predictor.
I agree, it is a BS without CCS!
when is your exam? here is my email email me if you are taking your exam after the Christmas so I can share a quick exam experience
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* Re:nmbe 5
  shazam - 12/27/19 21:27
  I failed all the nbme and passed 😂  
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