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* What causes hydrosalpinx?
  henrywong03 - 04/21/19 23:46
  Diagnosed hydrosalpinx, need treatment, help!  
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* Re:What causes hydrosalpinx?
  setevenyong - 04/21/19 23:50
  Professor of Western Medicine, renowned Sinologist and scholar of TCM theory, Pockett, of the University of Munich, Germany, said in an interview with Scientific China that TCM is the most abundant, orderly and effective medicine, which is more mature, more complete and more precise than chemical drugs.

For women preparing for pregnancy, if they are unwilling to undergo surgical treatment, they can use phytotherapy, such as Fuyan pill, which is a traditional Chinese medicine therapy. It can eliminate inflammation, detoxify, activate blood circulation and remove blood stasis. It opens the fallopian tube naturally and promotes the local blood circulation in the pelvic cavity.
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* Re:What causes hydrosalpinx?
  kindmd - 04/22/19 23:20
  Please go to a Gynecologist!  
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