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* your guide till you match-mentoring
  drsinha - 07/23/19 01:36
  Mentoring details about USMLE

Thanks for reaching out to me
Currently, I am a PGY2 Internal medicine resident. I have been tutoring and
mentoring USMLE candidates over several years because I believe everyone has the potential to climb summit if they commit to it.
This, of course, requires the right direction, this is where my role comes
I or rather We (U & Me) would devise, an ABSOLUTELY CUSTOMISED FLEXIBLE study
plan for you TO GET YOUR DREAM SCORE on STEP 1, based on a lot of factors in your life like

- your daily activities or lifestyle
- time allotted by you to study per day
- other avocations like family/job/etc.
- your feedback on your performance in med school
- time left for your step1 exam
- your motivational levels (desire to get 250/ur dream score)

You might be uncertain how is the thing which I call mentoring going to pan out...
Fair enough...Let me clear the issues for you one by one.

1. I would be mentoring you...Not tutoring you...I wonít be sitting and explaining you the concepts...I would be doing everything else a study plan requires except thatís the relationship we are going to have when u subscribe for mentoring...

2. I would be ' The Coach ' and you would be ' The player '...A coach would tell u the time-tested, sure-shot & the best way of playing...but eventually it would be the player who should & would go and play n win the match...

3. Usmle Exam Prep is a marathon...Or rather let me put it this way... Itís a Triathlon...U can take it for granted that itís going to be a long bumpy ride where you have to be Persistent n Consistent n doing your BEST everyday of your prep....So along with providing the a coach does...I am here to motivate you so that you donít slack and you donít give up and keep your momentum in ur prep and reach your goal in the time frame we aimed during the starting of our preparation...

4. Below given are a few questions which everyone has about Usmle Step1 exam and prep...
which would be completely taken care of in our mentoring sessions so that

1) What are the best materials to study for Step1 to get my dream score?
2) Is Kaplan lecture notes enough for all subjects?
3) Do I have to use the videos also, Can I skip them, Can I do them selectively?
4) How should I use the Kaplan videos in my prep?
5) Do I have to use any other books for different subjects?
6) What about High-Yield / BRS / Usmle Road Map / Rapid review / Pretest / etc. Series?
7) Where should I study CT MRIs from?
8) Should I use First aid or Kaplan Med essentials?

10) What is the different type of Qs that appear on the exam?
11) How to approach every Q?
12) How to time oneself better while doing practice Qs n in the real Exam?
13) How to do lengthy Qs?
14) How to do Qs in which u r stuck to choose between two options?
15) How to take breaks in the exam?
16) How to keep the concentration levels up n even throughout the exam?

And.....So on and so forth....

Things work out like this...based on mutual trust...

Details of my 1st session
1st session Ė
1. A detailed discussion about step contents.
2. Preparation strategy.
3. Your dream score
4. Based on mentee available time and the tentative date of real exam, formulate a study plan through mutual discussion.
5. Your 1st assignment
2nd session onwards
Mentee needs to explain in detail about their assignment
Feedback will be provided based on that.
Strategies will be discussed how it can be made better
This is a paid service. I aim to provide u every penny's worth. Other than the scheduled
appointments we make, I would be available to you on email and whatís app 24/7(may be delays if I am on call schedule and time zone difference.)

Your complete final total payment would depend on your 3-digit score.

Payment thru PayPal/ venmo or direct deposit into Indian Bank Account (PayPal Transaction charges apply)

Packages for mentoring
Mentoring: $750 for individual steps till completion.
In case you donít get 250 and above this are the following scenarios
(a) Your score is 250 and above, you would have to pay 300 $ more.
(b) Your score is 230-250 you would have to pay 200 $ more.
(c) Your score is 210-230, you would have to pay 100$ more.
(d) Your score is 192-210 you would have to pay 0 $ more

Hope I am clear with all the details...
If I am not, pls feel free to ask any queries u to have during our initial appointment.
Contact details
Ph (M)- +17864519281, email-

After all, both of us have the same goal...longing to see a 250 and above on your step score report.

Last but not the least LETíS MAKE STUDYING FOR STEPS
- as FUN as possible to keep it far away from being boring
- as FOCUSSED as possible to keep it efficient
- as INTERESTING as possible to keep u motivated
- as CUSTOMISED n SCHEDULED as possible to take proper action
- as EASY as possible to follow through
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* Re:your guide till you match-mentoring
  trsurgeon - 08/03/19 16:01
  Hello There,

I'm looking for an affordable mentor that will be with me till I match. Someone who will guide me to my dream score of 250 and someone who is available by text 24/7 or who could reply within 24 hours. Pls let me know if you want to set up a time so that we can talk. I can be reached via email or via phone/text at 561-427-4289 cell.

Thank you for putting yourself out there.

Best Regards,

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