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* Questions to ask before You SIGN up for a Step 2CS
  rockcs - 09/19/19 18:06
  Questions to ask before You SIGN up for a Step 2 CS Course?
1. How long does it take to study for Step 2 CS?
2. When should I take the course prior to the CS exam?
3. How much money should I set aside for travel, stay, food, miscellaneous?”
4. “My friend went for this course so I guess I should too.” Is this true?
5. Will doing an externship before the cs exam help me? CK before CS?
Now a days these questions should arise before selecting any course, why? Becoz Step 2 CS courses are expensive!!! And not all expensive courses give you you a 100% pass rate.
Money once spent can't be taken back. As it is the Step 2 CS exam fee itself is $1500+ and hence any course we take should get us to pass it the very first time itself.
As everyone has noticed ECFMG has released their fact card and in it states that in the year 2017-2018 there were 15,742 IMG registrations for step 2 CS of which the 1st time passing rate was 75%. Comparing it to 2016-2017, the 1st time passing rate was 82%. This means there is something basically wrong in students learning or how they are being taught. The scoring and grading of step 2 CS is also not very transparent. As these analytics are in front of you, you need to think about the duration of study and the type of course that you're going to take.
Now there are many courses out there, 3 days/4 days/5 days even weeks. But what will suit you is the question you need to ask yourself. Since your friend went for a 3-day course doesn’t mean that it will be good for you too. So be prepared if taking short courses as they expect you to be at least 75% prepared before taking the course, this mean that if you’re a beginner it won't help you much but it can guide you in a good path but you will need to work really hard during these short days.
Externships before the cs exam will help students who would like to train on an everyday basis. It's not a must, it's just an option if you want you can do. What should the externship give you is as patients come with complaints you should be able to think about the differentials and what questions to ask. You can also see how the doctor talks with the patients and can improve your communication skills. Like I said this is totally optional, not a must.
How much money will a course be? As mentioned most courses are $1500 + but it is not the $$$ but their pass rates that one should see. Enquire if their previous batches of students passed not form their websites but from someone who took the course. They would be in touch with other batchmates and can tell you how many passed accurately. If you are travelling to another location to attend a course, you need to factor in the accommodation, travel, food and miscellaneous expenses. This is where an ONLINE course can immensely cut down the costs. First you save time, money and you get to work from the comfort of your home. Target USMLE offers the complete comprehensive course which is inexpensive, 24/7 access to cs study materials, personalized coaching and individualized correction of weaknesses. You want to feel 100% confident to face this exam with lots and lots of practice. They also offer CS study partners ( Voice SPs). You may ask how do I do physical exam? Well, weren’t you taught in medical school how to do physical exam. All you need to know how to put essential focused Physical exam together for each specific case in approximately 4 mins. Step 3 of Target USMLE ‘s 7 Easy steps 2 CS (Online video tutorial program) shows exactly how that is done. You don’t have to have CK done to do CS. Target USMLE makes it simple. Weigh out the options, do a thorough search that fits your pocket and go for it.
I hope this helps everyone who are seeking a course for CS. Be informed, be prepared, study well and God bless.

Target USMLE
Step 2 CS. Do It Once. Do It Right!
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Ph no: +1-973-234-3800
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