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* Step 1 Tutor w/o the BS
  imgstars - 12/18/19 20:43
  Hello world,

Please do not waste your time with tutors who are inexperienced when it comes to teaching, trying to make a few bucks while juggling their own responsibilities and are not invested in you, make false claims or better yet, not even based in the United States.

If you are serious about achieving the highest score you could possibly get, reach out to an experienced US-based tutor working at an academic teaching hospital, who has passed Steps 1 and 2 in their first attempt, with scores of 260's in each, has passed Step 3, has a year of internship experience under their belt (key to excelling at Step 3), but most importantly - has tutored dozens of students like yourself with great results, and does this FULL TIME.

Feel free to reach out to me by replying to this message. Rates are higher than most "part-time" tutors, but less than the market-rate at elite organizations due to less overhead and less greed. Currently accommodating one more student only - don't miss out!

IMG's, do not spend a year tackling this exam that AMG's pass in a matter of weeks; that may have worked in the past however the climate is far more competitive nowadays. Save yourself time by investing in a mentor/instructor who can get you to where you need to be faster.

Thank you and have a pleasant day,
Dr. E

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* Re:Step 1 Tutor w/o the BS
  psaran - 01/14/20 13:19
  where are you located?  
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* Re:Step 1 Tutor w/o the BS
  psaran - 01/14/20 13:29
  I am interested. Please let me know email.
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